Question: TomTom XXL - 2D Map - Direction of Travel and NOT North?

monkmanusa Author

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17 April 2011, 21:52

Hello all,

New to Forum, new to TomTom (always used Garmin previously - wife bought me a new TomTom).


The question I have is this:

When setting up the device is there a way I can get it to show the map in 2D Facing Direction of Travel?

When I begin a route - it always defaults to 3D (which is a bit gimmicky for me - as I can see more with 2D Map) - so I would like it to default to 2D, but (and more importantly) - how can I set it to show 2D with the map showing in the direciton of travel? When I select the 2D option when driving - I always end up with the Map facing North (which IMHO is basically useless) - I KNOW which direction North is - I want to know when quickly glancing at the device which way to turn next.

When the map is always facing North, when I need to turn right it will sometimes show left etc (as the map is upside down, and vice versa), this takes too long to work out with just a quick glance....almost dangerous.

Anyone any idea how to do this?

If I cannot find a way I think I may need to return this device and go back to a Garmin..... 




  • dhn

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    Expert (Car navigation)

    17 April 2011, 23:11

    Which model XXL do you have, the 540XXL or the 550XXL? The latter does NOT have 2D driving direction as an option, the 540 does. (turn on 2D view)

  • kea

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    29 May 2011, 17:26

    Same problem on XL 350T.  Hope it gets fixed as it is confusing.  3d mode works fine.

  • lensat

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    7 January 2012, 02:56

    I still use my older XL-IQ Tomtom which happily does "2D Direction of Travel (2D/DOT) as well as 2D-North and 3D.

    Recently I borrowed a newer XL-IQ model which has the "START" / "EasyMenu".

    I tried hard to get along with 2D-North but found it distracting and confusing.

    I then tried 3D but felt like I was looking down the middle of a toilet roll tube.

    I then searched through the settings for trusty old 2D-DOT and couldn't believe it wasn't there.

    After a bit of Googling I soon discovered that the removal of 2D-DOT is one of the biggest complaints with newer Tomtoms. 

    Apparently TomTom has done it to "give" users something better, without actually asking us. (A bit like amputating a limb to cure overgrown nails.)

    More likely though is that it's a cynical ploy to get loyal TomTommers to upgrade or buy anew.

    "2D Direction of Travel" is in actual fact much more less confusing, intuitive and SAFER than 2D-North (2D/N). 

    • You don't have to mentally flip the map in your mind,
    • You don't have to take your eyes off the road as often
    • ...and I can't tell you the number of people I've seen circling roundabouts trying to get off at the correct exit confused by the "2D-North" display.

    Who needs to know which way north is on a sat-nav anyway, unless you're stuck in the desert or lost on the moors (Heathcliffe, it's me Kathy... I got totally lost!!) 

    So TomTom... let me make a simple plea.

    You can leave 2D-North on for the "Indiana Jones" types among us.

    You can even leave 3D on for those that like to "KEEP IT REAL!!" 

    But for the sake of our SAFETY, SANITY and SENSE OF DIRECTION please give us back our beloved "2D Map in direction of travel". 

    We all know that it's a simple software tweak so stop pretending that it's being done for ease of use and not marketeering and get us back on track.

    Ta Len

  • spider362

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    7 January 2012, 22:11

    "2D Direction of Travel (2D/DOT)" and not being able to input coordinates are the two most mentioned complaints for the devices using "Quick Menu".


    Not being able to input coordinates really makes those models useless since that is how a GPS works.

  • sallor225

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    7 January 2012, 22:40

    Kea, yes the XL 350 also uses the Easy Menu and only has direction of travel for 3D. I have gotten used to the 3D DOT and actually prefer it to the 2D DOT, as I have both choices. If you are comfortable tampering with the files on your TomTom you can convert it back to the old menu, which would give you back much of what was lost by the conversion to Easy Menu. See this

    http://www.tomtomforums.com/tomtom-one-start-ease-xl-xxl/22302-how-get-more-menu-options-models-eas... however, before you start do a computer backup:


  • kea

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    9 January 2012, 21:11

    Sorry I am late in replying.  Thanks for the tip, I will have to give it a try.



  • tigger1950

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    25 January 2014, 00:24

    I've done tons of research on this today, since it's driving my wife nuts. TomTom created a simpler "user friendlier" menu for their newer models that took out the ability to use "driving direction up" in the 2D mode (you now only get GPS north up). You can only get "diving direction up" the 3D mode now. Dumb, but true. I wish I had my older TomTom that still had it in 2D, which I feel is a safer mode to use.  

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