Question: TomTom Start 20 or TomTom XL IQ Routes Edition 2

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30 January 2012, 07:48

They are the same price, so I was wondering what are the differences and which should I get? Am I right in thinking the XL IQR2 has a better version of IQ Routes or are they the same? Thanks.

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    30 January 2012, 16:04



    the most important difference is that the Start 20 is a NAV3 device connecting to the MyTomTom support application which is a web-based application still under development while the XL2 IQR is a NAV2 device still connecting to the TT Home application which is a stand alone application nearing it's end of life circle.


    The next difference is that the XL2 only offers 2GB internal memory and no SD card slot but the current Europe map already needs about 3GB memory capacity. The Start 20 UK&ROI offers 2GB and a SD card slot which is not working yet but should be enabled with the next map update. The Start 20 Europe offers 4GB and a SD card slot for which goes the same as for the Start 20 UK&ROI.


    The IQ routes information for the XL2 won't be better than the other one as far as I know. Only the Start 20 offers Eco Routes additional which aren't available on the XL2.


    The QuickGPSfix isn't working yet on the Start 20. I think it is working on the XL2 though.


    For more information please have a look at the product page. Which one you should get I cannot tell you as that depends on your preferences and which parts are essential, which are feasible to have and which won't be needed.





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    17 February 2012, 16:49

    Hi, I am also being quite indecisive when it comes to choosing between the two. As I see it the XL IQ2 uses older software that could possibly become obselete whereas the start 20 uses a new software still under development? I have had a look at the two side by side on the website and the differences are not so obvious for a newbie like myself.


    The price variation between the two is only £10 so for someone requiring a sat nav that can be updated with new maps and preferably have options like speed camera awareness could someone perhaps steer me in one direction or the other as to read they use different software does not mean a lot to me right now.


    Thanks in advance and apologies for the ignorance!

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    18 February 2012, 22:53



    by now the SD slot has been enabled and can be used for the latest map v885. Older maps cannot be installed to SD card yet but will be after a future MyTomTom application update.


    As the bugs in the MyTomTom application get less and less I'd rather go with the Start20 at the moment if I'd have to choose between those two devices. However if I could take a XL IQR / XL 340 or a GO 950/750 maybe even with LIVE services I'd select that one.


    Also the TT Home application is a final software but still has some bugs after software updates sometimes. But you're correct that that software will be discontinued sometime in the future but with usual lives of only 4-5 years with the same consumer of a specific device it'll be more probable that your device dies or you purchase another device before there's really no support of TT Home any more.


    On the other side the MyTomTom software is really under development so there are quite some problems existing at the moment which are being solved by the development team over time. I cannot tell you though when that'll be done as software development is a bit tricky.


    Having just had a look at the UK TT product page I noticed that the VIA costs the same as the Start20. In this case I'd really go for the VIA or put some £ on top to get a VIA LIVE as the VIA is the middle range and not entry range of the devices they offer.


    For more information you'd have to compare them and maybe look at the different devices in an electronics shop to get some better knowledge about those devices.





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