Tom Tom pulling out of wearables?

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Would be nice to get an official response on this, Tomtom?
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And here...

What a pity
Pity, I thought the wearable was a good fit for them, and to be honest I think the after market mapping side of things is a dwindling market. People use either their phones, or sat nav built into the car.
So TomTom just become an automotive supplier. that is not going to grow....
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So sad... garmin and fitbit must be thrilled... the spark is the only multi sport/mp3 player/cardio with the option to connect BLE sensors and affordable sportwatch on the market. the spark is often quote as a reference in reviews and over the year still making in the top 5 on runner's world or wearable website...
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chriscsy wrote:

Would be nice to get an official response on this, Tomtom?

TomTom has released official press statement:

if you have Spark 3/Adventurer, it'll be supported by TomTom but it's not currently clear how long new software upgrades will last for.

I think the decision was made because TomTom its Q2 earnings revealed 20% year-over-year decline in consumer revenue, specifically naming its consumer sports category as a weak performer.
but that press release gives no information on future support, as the watch data interface is principally web based, as soon as that support is dropped the watch becomes unusable unless they release a full desktop interface which I doubt they now will.
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Hi All,

We indeed had to make 100+ people redundant which we already stated in our press release last Friday. Having this said, we will continue to sell wearables and, of course, we will continue to support them.

Although we cannot comment on our roadmap, there will be a continuous support through the usual Customer Care channels.




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