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It is possible, using the gps usb cable and an adapter , like those for smartphones , to charge the gps with standard house electricity plugs in the wall ? I mean to charge it in house as a smartphone or other devices? Or it works only on the car or by PC/notebooks?

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As long as the mains charger can provide at least 1.5 Amps at 5V then it will be OK
Thanks Niall! So "at least?" I have read that if the ampere are higher that 1.2 (as what is written on the tom tom via 52 charger), is a problem. So I understand, if they are more that 1.2 A is ok , so e.g if they are 2.4 it can work. But , it it is 1 A? It just takes longer to charge the battery or there are problems?
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Yes these new WiFi devices are power hungry, and go into saving mode if they do not get enough amps, so even if you recharge them via a mains charger, they need 1.2 amps when in your vehicle so do NOT attach them to a USB port in your vehicle as this normally only supplies 500mAmps. With a vehicle USB port the reduced power means that the device tries to save it's power requirements by dimming the screen, reducing power to the SIM thus dropping traffic info, and it then powers off rather than going to sleep.
Try plugging the original cable into the original cigarette lighter charger.
Hi, for sure in the car I use the original charger, my question is more related to charging it at home by wall plug, using the smarthpone chargers or multiple dock stations that I see have or 1.5 A (smartphone ), or 1 A or 2.4 A the multiple charging station. Can I charge the tom tom witb them?
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Yes, all should be good.



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