Vio connecting by bluetooth

'Considering Vio but will I be able to connect both the Vio and bluetooth headset to my iphone at the same time - as thought could only connect one product at a time?

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Hi John,

Welcome to the forum!

The device and headset connections use separate Bluetooth profiles and with most phones using both is supported. For more information, please see here [user manual].

Please, post back here if you have any further questions 😃

Cheers, Mikko
Hi,I am having same problem.I am getting no sound through my Bluetooth headset.What am I doing wrong.
My first try was with a headset that was supposed to work but didn't. I then used a basic headset which did. Point is that it might be the headset rather than you doing anything wrong.
Ok,well I have a scala, and also a cheap one,I will try it and see.
That is weird,I did as you said and tried my cheap headset and it worked right away. Tried several more times with scala and will not work with vio.So I guess il be using the other headset.Thanks for all the advice.
Hi,you were right,it works perfectly with the cheap headset.



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