TomTom VIO in USA

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Any chance this will come to the US market soon too?

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Hi avoisin,

Welcome to the Community!

Great to hear you're interested in the VIO! 😃 We don't in general communicate about future releases but we do announce all releases also here on the forum so stay tuned 😃

Cheers, Mikko
Hi Mikko,

I dug a bit more on the forum - it looks like others have been asking for 10 months or more for US/Australia maps. I'm thinking if you don't have it by now, we're probably not going to get it ever. That's a bummer, it looks like a perfect fit. There are some other ways to mount devices, but nothing is as clean as the VIO is. If you have any way to influence the company, please try!

I myself would buy 3 of the VIO for me and my friends. The VIO ( hardware) exists, so why not simply releasing the USA - States maps for it. I would buy it from a European seller if they would just do that. There is even a US page for it:
Come on Tomtom, time to grab the US market for Scooters/Vespa/Motorcycles.