TomTom VIO in USA

Any chance this will come to the US market soon too?

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Hi avoisin,

Welcome to the Community!

Great to hear you're interested in the VIO! 😃 We don't in general communicate about future releases but we do announce all releases also here on the forum so stay tuned 😃

Cheers, Mikko
Hi Mikko,

I dug a bit more on the forum - it looks like others have been asking for 10 months or more for US/Australia maps. I'm thinking if you don't have it by now, we're probably not going to get it ever. That's a bummer, it looks like a perfect fit. There are some other ways to mount devices, but nothing is as clean as the VIO is. If you have any way to influence the company, please try!

I myself would buy 3 of the VIO for me and my friends. The VIO ( hardware) exists, so why not simply releasing the USA - States maps for it. I would buy it from a European seller if they would just do that. There is even a US page for it:
Come on Tomtom, time to grab the US market for Scooters/Vespa/Motorcycles.
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Still no US, Australia or New Zealand maps. I've got one that I've used in the UK but I'd dearly love to be able to use it at home in the US and on our upcoming trip to Australia/New Zealand.

There are plenty of people on ADVRider and Modern Vespa who would buy one of these in a heartbeat IF they could get maps for the Americas and ANZAC.



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