TomTom VIO Application not supported in your country

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I have just purchased the TomTom Vio for my scooter but when I tried to install the application from google play store it said that "App is not supported in your country". I read on some forums that the country needs to have a map to be supported, so I went to to check and there was "Full European Map - 6MB". I am from Malta which is in Europe!!. So why not supported??.
I tried other forums and managed to download the app from elsewhere....forgot the site.
With the VIO switched on, the app is saying "Can't connect to Tom Tom. Try again later." and keeps repeating this over and over.
I tried to pair it with my mobile through bluetooth and it found the device, Vio, but on the Vio it comes a white screen with 3 dots and stays like that and nothing happens.

Please help me out as I am assuming that this is a waste of my money.

My mobile is a Samsung Note 8 with Android 7.1.1
The VIO app version I tried to install (not from Google Play Store) is Ver 1.5.

Many thanks
Chris Formosa

2 replies

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Hi JUV777,

Welcome to the community:)

Early 2017, I had posted a comment listing the countries where the VIO app is available for download on the Google Play Store, you can see it here

Ok so that is not the whole Europe. Any chance it will be available for my country too - Malta?