Plan a route with stops on VIO

Can I plan a route with stops, on a iphone
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My question was regarding an iPhone, it looks like the only route I can plan on an iPhone is start and finish with no stops or waypoints
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Sorry to say that there is not an interface on your VIO with the route planner App MyDrive, all routes have to be planned on the device, see pages 30 - 38 of the manual
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The OP has an iphone not an Android

This User Manual explains all you need to know about your new TomTom VIO. This User manual is applicable for both the iPhone and Android VIO apps, but please be aware that some features may not be available in your app version.

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There does not seem to be an iphone restriction on "Adding a stop to a saved route using the map" (see page 47 of the manual)
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Hi Niall,

Thanks for pointing that out! As this feature would depend on adding stops in general, it's unfortunately not yet supported on the iPhone app.

I'll take this up with the documentation team to have this mentioned in the manual.

Cheers, Mikko


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