Display toggles between north map and home on its own while driving

My vio toggles the display on its own while driving, a lot.

between the direction i'm driving in, map view (north up), and even switches back to the "home" screen sometimes for no reason. As if someone touches the display while driving...

Could this be due to the vibrations of the bike? I'm starting to think my unit is faulty....

Anyone else experiencing this?

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Hi Jean,

Welcome to the Community!

I'd recommend you to reset your VIO as instructed in the video below. Also make sure the screen is clean.

Cheers, Mikko
Thanks Mikko,

I tried resetting the device and cleaning the screen as you said.
It improved the situation somewhat; the last drive the device only changed out of itself twice.
before that it changed literally every 25 seconds.

I'll monitor how it behaves the next few days, but i don't have the impression resetting the device fixed the problem 😕



nothing changed; the device switches around like crazy again.... 😞
even when i'm not driving.

i've tried with and without the rubber protection cover, tried resetting it again, nothing helps.....

should i start an RMA procedure?
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Hi Jean,

I'm sorry hear the issue persists!

Please, contact Customer Service for further assistance. They'll be able to get to the bottom of this and assist you accordingly.

Cheers, Mikko
Will do, Thanks Mikko!
My VIO does the same thing! Did you fix it?
Hi? Should I contact Customer Service or is it any other way to fix this problem?



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