Alterative mounts for TomTom VIO?

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Since I have no mirror bar and want to put my VIO away from my handlebar (hence not use the standard mounts) i am looking for alternatives. I can surely play around and make my own, but would like to know if anyone have found alternative mounts for the VIO?

(PS: Wanted to change the word alterative to alternative, but it's not possible to change the header in this forum .-)

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i have a triumph bobber, I got a ram handlebar mount, removed the rubber from the ball part, knocked the pin out that is in the ram ball and mounted the VIO mount to that, sits nice and close on handle bars and looks good.
Nice solution! I actually ended up creating a mount myself:

I have a Honda ST1100. I bought a 50 mm long and 5mm thick bolt (think that is the right english word?) and a pice of aluminium pipe with a 6 mm hole. Imagine that the pipe acts a long og very thick washer - then removed a bolt that holds the windscreen and use the bolt with the small pice of pipe instead. Hence you have a 50mm pipe securely fastened and usable for mounting the VIO.



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