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Traffic stopped working yesterday on my 6200. When I got home, the device asked for a camera update and then wouldn't download the update. Various soft resets later and the device still wouldn't update nor pick up traffic. Connected it to my laptop and was asked to update MyDrive (I normally update over wifi so don't really use My drive on the pc). When My Drive loaded on the pc, again I couldn't log into the account. I did a full reset on the 6200 and it still won't connect to mydrive. I've since managed to connect the pc to my account although the 6200 still won't connect. I've created a new account and the 6200 will connect to this but not my original account. Trouble is, I've lost all my favourites using the new account. Of course I phoned TomTom and was on hold for half an hour and gave up in the end. Any help, advice or others sharing the same problem would be much appreciated.

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