Traffic info disapears on the GO 6100

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Since yesterday wednesday 12 july, I have weird issues with the live traffic:
on start, i have the traffic info for a few seconds, then it disapears.

after a few minutes, same story, traffic is shown correctly during a few seconds then goes away.

Latest version of the soft : 17.200
I did a full reset, a full restart with the sound
nothing helps.

I doubt i'm the only one with the problem, my device has been working perfectly the last 12 months, i use it more than 10h per week.
It looks like the feed is broken.
Anyone ?

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Hi Totobel,
You are not the only one, I have exactly the same problem you describe. I wonder if the last upgrade of the software launched by Tomtom could be at the origin of that…
Anybody else?
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I had the same problem in 17.100
I beleive the traffic feed is broken... potentially A LOT of people impacted...
How can it take that long to detect it ?
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I opened a ticket 24h ago btw
No answer so far ! Argh!!

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Exactly the same problem. Traffic info Goes away and returns briefly. I'm impacted with 17.100 and after upgrading to 17.200 the problem stayed the same. (Ticket 170714-xxxxxx).

I'm a daily user and the navi is worthless for me at the moment.

Grtz Gert

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TomTom , i think i found a common problem!!

All users in this post are from Belgium!

Grtz Gert
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Today between Liège and Luxembourg, no issues.
Did you have issues today ?

What the hell is the support doing with the tickets ?
Today i had dropouts between Sint-Niklaas en Mechelen.
But the whole week i hardly could use the navi around Antwerpen.

I noticed the first problems 2 month ago. But they never have been this worse.
At this moment the navi is useless. I have a factory system in my car and this navigates without traffic.
So i don't bother to start the 6100 anymore until TomTom finds a solution.
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Very strange the problem depends on the location...
I do believe thuis is not a problem with our navi's but rather a disagreement between TomTom and their gprs-provider. It feels like we expierincing a lack of bandwidth. My navi tells me it's connected but for some reason it can't reach the server.
When i'm at home and out of the traffic jams the navi shows the correct info.
What puzzels me is that one of the reply's here is from a 6200.
Those navi's are using 3G or not?
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6100/6200 use the 3g/4g network indeed. I also think the problem is from there.

The lack of answer on our tickets is a total shame
I've been cruising the forum and it seems both 6100 & 6200 are still using 2G. What is not a bad choice regarding the superior coverage and small datatransfer of these navi's.
But we are screwed when there are problems with the 2G network. Owners of a 610 & 620 who rely on the dataconnection of their smartphone seem not to be complaining on this forum. They have more choice on dataconnectivity and if all went well for them it means the tomtomserver was reachable.
Our problem is therefore most probably related to the 2G network.
Been driving around Lier yesterday and all was perfect.
If the problems appear again next week when traffic is much denser on working days then the congestion of the 2G network is probably the main cause.
All who bought the "superior" and most expensive navi's are thus left with the worst navi's.

Really nice that TomTom support are playing the sound of silence. I hope it's because they are hard at work resolving the issue. (Sarcastic mode). Maybe we could beter start publishing our ticket numbers again. At least then we attracted some moderator action. That was the biggest reaction we had in this tumbleweed desert we call TomTom support.
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FYI, i did not notice any problems between Brussels and Leuven monday.
It was average traffic with small delays.
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Hi all,

first of all I want to let you know that I am sorry to hear that you are facing these issues! I understand that this can be quite frustrating.

I also want to thank you for all the details you provided, I will ensure that your observations will be forwarded to the team who is working on fixing this issue.

Some information which some of you might find valuable:

This problem is not related to the latest software update for our current generation devices. It rather seems to be a data roaming issue, something we are currently discussing with our partners.

If you want to help us in finding the root cause of this problem, please let us know:

- Which device are you using?
- When did the issue occur for the last time?

We can track data on your specific connection issue for about 72 hours. So if you should encounter an issue, report it here directly. This would help us tremendously. 🙂

I am hoping on a quick fix to this problem, however I cannot communicate a definitive timeframe as to when this will be solved. Nevertheless rest assured that I will share information which is valuable to you as soon as I receive it.

A rather general note: While we appreciate that you are reporting this on our Community, I want to emphasize that the TomTom Community is not an official support channel. We always try to engage on the Forum, especially when it is about problems that are affecting more users. That being said, unfortunately it is impossible for us to be active in every topic. So if you definitively want a response for TomTom regarding your issue, I would suggest to contact customer support directly.


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>While we appreciate that you are reporting this on our Community, I want to emphasize that the TomTom Community is not an official support channel.
it took almost one week for the support to answer. I understand it's the holiday season but this is not very serious.
Especially when it's a very wide issue affecting a whole country and probably thousands of users.

Without the forum, we wouldn't know multiple people were impacted, so it helped a lot actually.

I didn't have problems recently, but I hope this is still beeing investigated. It was bad enough.
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Hi all,

We're investigating this issue together with our partner. In addition to what Julian mentioned above, the following information would help us get to the bottom of this and find a solution quickly:
  • Your device model?
  • When did you first experience this issue?
  • Can you tell some specific times withing the last 3 days you've experienced this issue?
  • Detailed problem description: E.g. did you loose connection to TomTom Traffic or stopped receiving traffic updates (while still connected to the service)?
  • Also please let us know if the issues occurs in all areas of Belgium, or just some specific ones

@ Totobel: Thanks for reporting through Customer Service. Your report has reached our technicians.

I'll post back here as soon as I learn more about this issue.

Cheers, Mikko
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My device is a 6100.
The peoblem happened only 2 days in a row, in a 20km radius around brussels: 12 and 13 july.
I confirmed that friday 14 i had no issues but that was not around brussels.
I suspect busier areas like brussels and flanders were more impacted.
Oh, my God, why does this problem come up to me
My machine is about to get rid of this problem as you said
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Hi Totobel,

Thanks for the info! I'll forward it to the team.

Cheers, Mikko
Hi, I located in Germany Mönchengladbach, and I have 2 Go 5100´s
One is working correctly and the other one has problems with live services for about 8 months.
70% of the time live services is not connected!
The same maps and the same software is installed on both.
However one has language Dutch and the other one German.
The one with German language specifiedd failes.
There is also another difference when I display: System Info

The one with problems (German language)
TomTOM Go 5100
Serial QRxxxxKxxxxxx
Anwendungversion (0) (02.04.2017)
GPRS status (in working state)
Verbunden 26202,0,5,0,13,0
MCC/MNC 26202
IMEI 359xxxxxxxxxxxx
GPRS-Modell 16.00.152
Display-sprache Deutch

The Working one (Dutch):
TomTOM Go 5100
Serial QRxxxxxYxxxxxx
Aplicatieversie (0) (02.04.2017)
GPRS status (in working state)
Verbonden 26202,0,5,0,0,0
==========> MCC/MNC item is not displayed
==========> IMEI item is not displayed
==========> SIM ID item is not displayed
GPRS Model 16.00.152
Taal van gebruikers interface Nederlands

Hope this is useful for research of this problem.
This problem is also big for me as I bought these TOMTOM´s for the live services, which are very good if there is a connection.

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Call support as the SIM card appears to need reactivating in the faulty unit:

069 663 08 012
Mo-Fr: 09:00-17:30
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The problems happen again in belgium this tuesday 22 AUG.
Also in low traffic, also in low density zones.
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Hi Totobel,

Thanks for reporting this!

Please, update your case at Customer Service about this. They'll be able to capture all the relevant details for our technicians to look into this.

Thanks, Mikko
I'm in Croatia now and it's doesn't work also since 2-3 day's by WiFi and mobile data.
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>Please, update your case at Customer Service about this.
the old cases can't be updated
The new ones are not handled after 1 week (!!!!)

So it's here or nothing. If you decide to help we can make progress together, if we have to count on support we are lost.
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Hi Totobel,

I'm sorry to hear of your bad experience with our Customer Service! We'll make sure your cases are looked into.

Please, keep in mind that this is a user forum. While myself and other Staff members do our best to help users here, we don't have the resources to attend to every case. Customer Service is there to provide individual support. They're also better equipped to gather all the relevant details for our other teams to look into particular issues.

Cheers, Mikko



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