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Edited 8/8/2018 differences in red

SE Asian purchased device, available in the following countrie:-
Australia, New Zealand

European purchased device, available in the following countries:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Gemany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom

American purchased device, available in the following countries:
Canada, Mexico, United States

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Niall, Thank you for your informative list.

However, that doesn't explain why TomTom's advertising for GO-5100 & GO-6100 fails to make any reference to the fact that the "All-World" TomToms have a restricted coverage with respect to Traffic & Speed Camera updates!!

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John-Jay wrote:

However, that doesn't explain why TomTom's advertising for GO-5100 & GO-6100 fails to make any reference to the fact that the "All-World" TomToms have a restricted coverage with respect to Traffic & Speed Camera updates!!

"All-World" TomToms exist only in your fantasy. TomTom advertises "Lifetime Maps (World)" and nothing else.
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The non-worldwide coverage I expect comes from the fact the built in SIM card/modem using 2G/GPRS, is not compatible with all the networks that TT use and as such the live devices cannot get traffic information while on the move. The European and Australian devices are fitted with a Vodaphone SIM, Canadaian with a Rogers SIM and USA device with a AT&T SIM (2G network to terminate 01/01/2017)

Live services in Australia use the 850MHz GSM band which is different to the 900MHz band used in Europe

All of which means "one size does not fit all" 😞
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Just what are you talking about??

TomTom's advertising, which CLEARLY states that the Traffic & Speed Cameras are available when travelling abroad (on a device that indicates it for "World-use"), is NOT a "fantasy" of my imagination!
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Hi all,

Thanks Niall for posting this very useful information! I moved it to the Traffic board and made it a sticky 😃

There are indeed technical, but also contractual, reasons why we currently don't offer TomTom Traffic as a World wide subscription. The latter is because the service consists also from various regional third party feeds in addition to our own information. The amount of demand for a world wide service is of course also a consideration.

However, we monitor customer feedback here on the forum and elsewhere and report to the business so that they can make informed decisions on how to develop the service further.

@ John-Jay: We've discussed this already elsewhere and I've sent the feedback to the web team regarding the wording.

Cheers, Mikko
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Thanks, MikkoK, for your useful comments!

As far as I'm concerned, the issue is NOT about whether TomTom should (or should NOT) provide a fully inclusive world-wide Service (that is a Commercial decision for TomTom to make), rather that I consider the TomTom published information is NOT as clear as it should be (hence, tending to be misleading)!

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Hi John-Jay,

Sorry for my late reply!

We've updated now the product pages and the Specifications section includes coverage information for the included services. Also the wording about the service coverage has been changed.

Thanks again for all your feedback regarding this! 😃

Cheers, Mikko
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See my comment here about the wording
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Nine days ago the AU TT6100 website include the phrase:

"Lifetime TomTom Traffic via Built-in SIM The SIM card built into the TomTom GO ensures you are always connected to TomTom Traffic and other services, even when driving abroad. No roaming charges!

This is clearly misleading as "abroad" in Australia has to mean literally overseas.

Sadly to my layman's reading, the AU TT website is still as of right now in breach of Australian consumer law through false or misleading advertising. Quoting by pasting:


The TomTom GO 6100 is our most advanced all-in-one GO model. Get there faster with Lifetime TomTom Services including map updates at no extra cost, real-time TomTom Traffic updates and speed camera alerts. Connect your TomTom GO 6100 with MyDrive and send your destination to your GO before you get into the car. What’s more, the built-in SIM card means you’re always connected to TomTom services, at no extra costs!

The key problem that TT has is the word "always", but this is a matter for lawyers as we know the TT6100 technically can't globally roam without at least a sim upgrade.

I suppose the real question I should ask myself is if I'm miffed enough by this to take my TT6100 and it's box back to get my money back. The box box plainly has lifetime world maps right beside lifetime Traffic Services.
TT can doodle on their website to their hearts content, but the TT6100 box nails this argument on the side of disappointed and mislead consumer.

Come on TT, you are so close to having a great product.
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Hi David,

Thanks for your feedback!

I'll pass this on to the relevant teams.

Cheers, Mikko
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Hi David, I could not agree more with you. I am in Australia with a GO6100 and TT have on a number of occasions been misleading at best. Take for example the TT lifetime Live Services when 2G is being switched off in parts of the world and here in Australia within 12 months or so. And when queried, try and get a clear response from them as to what or how this service continues into the future? When I posted a response I was given from TT customer service one of the moderators removed the post entirely not once but twice!

Then you have the annoying software failures that directly impact their units and upset their customers and yet they take a long time in getting going on a fix and they NEVER promote the fact that they and hence their customers may be experiencing difficulties due to ........whatever it is.

In summing up, I agree with you in that they have a really good product (when it works) but they are almost arrogant and lazy in their approach to rectifying issues and making it easy for THEIR CUSTOMER BASE to become aware of problems and communicate with them what is going on and an expected timeframe by which they expect it to be rectified.

Some of the big telco players send fault notifications by email or promote it in their main home page so their customers are not having to ring customer service centres and waste time.

I hope they get their act together and fast because repeat customers - as I am, only have so much goodwill in reserve.

Cheers, Chris
I am using GO 6100 for 3 weeks now. It promised me lifetime live traffic, speed cameras etc. However, after 2 weeks of usage, it said live traffic and Speed cameras alerts have expired. Its quite frustrating and I am not able to see live traffic info anymore. What a shame!

I tried to use 'contact us' and the page would not allow me to chat or send email to customer support. Quite disappointed at this moment at the product that costed me close to 400+ bucks.
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Call them instead:

1300 135 604
Monday-Friday:9:00 am to 5:30 pm AEST
Thanks 🙂
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You are welcome.
I am really cheesed off.
I read everything I could on the Tomtom AUS website, looked at the GO6100 box in store, spoke to several sales assistants and they all state that the GO 6100 GPS comes with;
Lifetime Word Maps,
Lifetime Speed Cams, and
Lifetime traffic.
There was, and still is, no mention of these only being available for the region of purchase.
The situation as described above by DMC314159 still exists.
I am going to the UK in a couple of weeks and the live traffic and speed cams were the only reason to upgrade from my old GPS.
This borders on a “Consumer Affairs” issue but unfortunately I won’t have time to pursue it before I leave.
I will certainly ring and complain bitterly.

Keep up the rage.


P.S. The device, traffic, speed cams and "My Drive" are all working without fault in Australia.
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Hi Oldace,

Welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, some older stock Lifetime World Maps devices in Australia/New Zealand are suffering from a problem with automatic activation of the Lifetime Services. However, Customer Service can sort this out for you quickly 😃

My apologies for the inconvenience!

Cheers, Mikko
Thanks for that MikkoK but unfortunately my call did not resolve anything.

The helpful lady patiently explained that anybody who purchases a GO 6100 only gets Lifetime Word Maps. The Lifetime Speed Cams and Lifetime traffic only apply to the region in which the unit was sold, contrary to all the published information.

She understood my frustration but said that the sim installed will not receive the data for the traffic information. She was aware of the conflicting information on the box and on the internet.

She did authorise a free 2 month subscription to Traffic Cams for Europe to cover my upcoming trip but would not commit to anything for subsequent trips.

I explained that my old XXL 540 IQ has the latest European maps and speed cams so all I have gained is a new larger screen that is not as useful due to the way user POI’s are handled.

There are reports on Whirlpool of Australian GO 5100 /6100’s receiving traffic info in the UK but not Traffic Cams. It may be that in parts of Europe the 2g and 3g networks may have been switched off, but not in the UK. I just don’t know. I am angry that traffic may not be available when that was the main reason for upgrading my GPS. The Tomtom lady was quite definite that traffic info would not work in the UK and that the European units have a different sim installed.

Does anybody have any recent experience driving with an Australian GO 5100 /6100 in the UK.

I will let you know my experiences when I get back in early September.


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Hi Oldace,

I seem to have misread/understood your question. My apologies!

Coverage information for the services provided with the device are mentioned on the package as well as on the Specifications section of the product pages.

Your device has a built-in SIM card which for technical and contractual reasons only works in the region where the device has been purchased.

Cheers, Mikko
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Quote from a TT employee "TomTom no longer provide support in Russian. There're also no Russian support pages (they re-direct to the UK pages) and no support number offered.

Russian customers can email support and they'll be helped in English or they can call the international number 0031 20 850 1004."
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I'd really like a Tomtom rep to explain to me why worldwide traffic is available on the phone apps and the explanation for the devices is "contractual reasons"

I'd also love someone from Tomtom to explain to me where it's clear on this page that traffic is only available in the region purchased.
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Hi Fred,

I'm afraid I'm not able to discuss the "contractual reasons" in more detail here. The services coverage can be seen in the Specifications section of the product page you linked to.

Cheers, Mikko
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MikkoK wrote:

Hi Fred,

I'm afraid I'm not able to discuss the "contractual reasons" in more detail here. The services coverage can be seen in the Specifications section of the product page you linked to.

Cheers, Mikko

Interesting...I am sure it's been changed now. I should have taken a screenshot
I am astonished reading this thread.
TomTom promotes a device with maps for the whole world but restricts traffic and radarcams to a certain region. What helps a map if these essential functions are not available.
The sim card (with regard to the GO 510) does not play a role as the connection is established via a mobile with data connection.
I bought the GO 610 as I knew I would move from Europe to the US for three years and expected to have the full functionality available.
The website does not state this, it is hidden and needs extensive search.
As soon as I am back in Germany, I will complain at Amazon where the unit was bought and, if possible (which I expect) return the device for refund.
A good topic for the German consumer protection.
I checked the product pages and the referenced lifetime map page (German) and did not find any hint that the services are regionally restricted i.a.w. the region where the device was bought. Complaint to Amazon is on the way, from a German legal perspective an "arglistige Täuschung".
Update: Amazon promptly acknowledged the problem and I got a voucher to return the GO 610 for refund. Luckily I bought it there.



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