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According to this press release Ukraine is covered by TomTom traffic, but in fact it is not.

Any chances on estimation when this actually will happen?

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Ukraine still not covered? Someone who knows?
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Yes, I can make a route, I can even synk it to my device (Go 50) and can see the overview page of the route, but when click on Go the device says "No route available".
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Which map do you have on your device, see

What exclusions have you set if any, Toll roads? Ferries? Unpaved roads?
The map is Eastern Europe v1005.8757 (01/2018), other details of the device is Application VHxxxxxxxx05 (0), S/N 17.300.0018311 (0) (2017-10-13).
Checked and there is no exclusions set.

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So have you tried selecting a new route on your device, from your present position to Odessa? Does it allow you to actually select Odessa?
No, I am still in Sweden, trying to pre-make routes in Ukranie for a trip next month.
I can mark a start position and a goal, seeing the complete route but when I click Go/Drive (or what it says in english, in swedish it is Kör) it says No route available.
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You are aware that the map of Ukraine only has 65% coverage, that is why I suggest you try creating a route from your current position to Odessa, just to check that it can find a route to there.
Same result, No route possible. I tried to go around a block in Odessa, same result No route possible. See attached pics.

any idea what can help me?
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In the Sygic app Tomtom traffic is available in Ukraine and the other countries mentioned in the press release since last July. Will Tomtom ever wake up and give the full service of TT traffic to their own customers (Go mobile app and PNA)?



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