Outage resolved. IS IT REALLY?

I have been trying for TWO days to up date my GO400 unit.

This is not a cheap unit plus the annual renewals.
When we have problems with TomTom website. The ability to get any help to sort things out is absolutely appalling.
No help, nobody to speak to, instructions that clearly don’t work and a headline that says “it’s fixed.”
Quite clearly a false statement and only there for someone to try and keep there job.

Yes, IT problems happen.
But, if they do.
Reset the system to a version that worked, whilst you fix the programming issue.


Like others, I am now looking at replacing this unit with anything but TomTom.
My phone works better than this expensive “single use”piece rubbish.

We all pay for a service, that seems to be nonexistent.

Very poor customer service.

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