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Important - sending anonymous information via LIVE services

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Just updated my device this morning (they turned off the GPS on it to force me to update) - this sucks big time, and I'm going to be looking into other providers today. Even with the change in EU law, TomTom could have easily offered the option to turn off the mobile radio alongside the option to provide additional data from the GPS receiver, but they didn't - they clearly want people to be forced into providing it. I don't agree with some of the previous posts - the precision of the location data derived from triangulating the mobile radio is many orders of magnitude worse than that offered by the GPS, meaning they could only pass on approximate location, whereas with the GPS they know exact speed and location. If you want to know what really happens with their data, read this:

If you listen to the interview with the CEO of TomTom, he says that even TomTom can't trace the data back to an individual - but given they have my location / speed, serial no, subscription details, and that all of that data is linked, this is clearly untrue. Just how long will it be until you start getting court summons through your door thanks to your TomTom?

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They remove those data you mentioned within 20 minutes of receiving it (the personal ones). The GPS issue was absolutely different kettle of fish, not to force you to update. Also TT never claimed that they use mobile networks to determine your location. They clearly use the GPS signal, otherwise you wouldn't lose signal before the update, would you? They use mobile data network for QuickGPS fix to get the most up-to-date satellite locations to aquire GPS lock quicker, and other LIVE services, such as traffic data, etc.

It is written in the disclaimer that they are selling the data to governments, and that was very unfortunate that the law enforcement used it for additional speed traps, but at the end of the day, the speed limits are speed limits, and they are there for a reason. Can say to get more money out of the motorists, but beat the system...don't speed.
What was the GPS issue then? I find it hard to believe that suddenly the device couldn't use the satellites, unless there was a change in protocol that would have affected all GPS users. You don't think they might have built in functionality to disable it remotely?

Anyhow, I never said I was worried about being caught speeding - but I have also worked in enough IT departments to know that that the CEO thinks goes on and what really happens (i.e. what data is sold) rarely match. Clearly he was clueless about the use of their data for speed-traps, so what else is going on he doesn't know about?!
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The GPS issue was in all the new NAV3 devices, regardless they had or had not any SIM inside. It was caused by a software bug in the GPS receiver's firmware. It couldn't handle the leap year.

TT sells the data for 3rd parties, but without your details. Then the 3rd party can use it to improve traffic, decrease congiestion, set up speed traps, or whatever they want. If that makes my LIVE services £48 a year, including free of charge roaming, bring it on. If it would make my subscription even half of the £48, please sell it to even more agencies. But that's only my point of view.
I got the same message as eveyone about the date issue and just ignored it. If there was a date issue it would have happened on the leap day, but it didn't - the GPS shut down about a week ago. There was no leap year bug.
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There was no GPS shut down a week ago. It was the 31st of March. The GPS thought it was the "32nd" of March, due to the extra day the month before (not this happend, just to try to explain). But last week there wasn't any GPS shut down, unless you haven't used your device since 31/03/12.
My memory may be failing but I get the advice to renew tt sevices weeks before it is due and if I renew early at that time I lose the ensuing few weeks. so dont renew until the day before sez I  ! 
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It supposed to add the next year to the end of your existing subscription. If not, customer services can adjust it.
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My Live Services subscription expires at 13/10/2013, before renewing the services it would expire at 13/10/2012.

Since extending the mapupdate service a while ago, i've also purchased a year of Live Services on the TomTom website. The actual date of subscription is extended with a year when having a valid subscription running. No days of subscription will be lost.;)
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Hi - I thought it might be a wise move to re-instate the original subject "Important - Sending anonymous information via LIVE Services" as it seems to be wavering off subject - thus -

Here is the information located in the sub Menu "Me and my device"  - "My information" - "More info" on a Via Live 120 device.

I think its quite important that all users of LIVE devices (Sim card embedded) can read it here.  It states:

"Only if you give us your permission, your navigation device will continously collect information and send it to TomTom at regular intervals.  The information is also stored on your device until you connect it to your PC, then the information is sent to TomTom and deleted from your device.  The information includes details that identify the navigation device, your MyTomTom account name and information entered while you were using the navigation device.

TomTom uses this information to be able to deliver LIVE services to you and to improve the HD Traffic service.

Within 20 minutes of switching off your navigation system, TomTom automatically and irreversibly destroys any data that allows identification of you or your device.  This, now anonymous, information is used to improve TomTom's products and services, such as maps, reports on Points of Interest and average speeds driven.  These products and services are also used by government agencies and businesses.

Using your navigation system, you can join the Mapshare Community or report speed cameras.  If you choose to use either of these services, your reports, that include location information, are sent to TomTom and kept together with your MyTomTom account.  TomTom then uses your information to improve its maps and speed cameras.

If you no longer allow sharing of information, none of the above information is sent to TomTom and information previously stored on your device is deleted.  You won't be able to recieve HD Traffic or mobile speed camera locations, or use any other LIVE services.

TomTom will not give anyone else access to the information collected from your navigation system.

In choosing to provide TomTom with information, you are helping to make driving better, specifically by improving maps, traffic flows and reducing congestion.  We appreciate your help.

Note:  The length or end date of your service subscription does not change if you do not allow sharing of information.

This navigation system uses a GSM network (the embedded sim card) that contains location information about your navigation system.  By law, the network operator may be required to retain this location and other information for law enforcement purposes and TomTom has no influence over this.  If you disable information sharing, the mobile network connection is not active and the network operator cannot store location information".

If you think that your information is not being used for the purpose for which you have provided it to TomTom, contact us at" rel="nofollow" target="_blank

See our privacy policy at" rel="nofollow" target="_blank

I have lost live services, how do you turn it back on. I have sharing switched on.

Is it a simple fix or is there something wrong with unit now.

Best regards

I have just up graded from a Tom Tom 710 to a Live 1000. I have opted in to the share of information, always have and always will, it improves the service we get from Tom Tom. My real question is how the hell do I stop the request coming up on my start up screen every time I switch my sat nav on!
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Preferences-->Startup. I think it's the 3rd screen where you can UNcheck if you want to be asked every time device is turned on.
Why freak out about TomTom collecting data? even if you believe big brother is out to get you you would have to leave your mobile, tomtom and youself at home (or other undisclosed location) ther are so many cameras about these days in the UK they can follow you from withing a 10 yard radius (in cities) from your front door, facial regonition software is quite good now after recent upgrades to the inner city camers we are all screwed.

Apple has remote access to your phone (unless you jailbreak it)

I'm sure the windows phones are the same

The way I see it if TomTom want to follow me and make my life easier with HD traffic then I dont give a rats ass, my working life aint that interesting and if I do break the law well I'm sure they will find me even opted out of TomTom's Live services

Just my 10c worth
hi how to close the asking? everytime i open,it will ask me again and again,and i always click yes, but i want it be simple becasue i always say yes
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Hi teddytyx,

Welcome to the forum!

Just go into the main menue / settings / startup / -- paging further on, there will be an option for not being asked any more.


i have said yes to sharing info, so why every time i switch on do i have say yes again, can i disable this request
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There is an option in the menu to disable the question at each start up.
I was a tad concerned about this issue. 

But after Intense Research i found it not to be a broblem.

From what i have read we are not "tracked" no movement DATA is stored. 

I Think it's purly traffic info . RDA. RDS . systems

however. if you discover a tracking element i will be very interseted to know. ??

In choosing to provide TomTom with information, you are helping to make driving better, specifically by improving maps, traffic flows and reducing congestion. We appreciate your help

Strange comment to make.
I was under the impression that traffic flow and congestion data was gathered,monitored and managed by the road agencies of the Governments by aid of induction loops (magnetic loops set into the road surface)on roads of all major routes.
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They also use cellular data (mobile phone and the built-in SIM cards in the devices) to get the best traffic info.
Thank You
If you are running from anyone or wanted by the law nothing to worry about also with PNC cameras watching our every move and mobile speed cameras our registration plates are being photographed every junction motorway entrance town city center entrance and exit so BB knows where you are anyway and as Zsolt said earlier up above your mobile phone would give the best accuracy as to where you are by triangulation I’m a smart wee person, just don't go breaking the law and you have nothing to fear, I wonder if you were breaking the speed limit though I would condone such a thing I wonder would this information be forwarded to the relevant Police authority by Tom Tom now theres something to think about youi know when yoru driving in a 60 mile per hour area and the speed indicator on the tomtom goes from clear to orange then red you are over the limit could thsi be used to prosecute so the Police ahve the spy in the cab they always wanted lol, makes ya think dosent it. cool:
i have a problem with tomtom live trsffic


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