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In my experience the go 6200 with lifetime traffic live should be re-named the 'tomtom dont go 6200 as don't know what the traffic is like, better check with google maps then go'. Catchy, dont you think? Fed up with it, no replies to 2 different emails sent asking for help with intermittent traffic live. Soft reset, factory reset, 'all is ok at our end' , none of that makes the product do as its described. Did work fine for 6 months, now might work for 2-3 minutes when you turn it on, then then stops getting a signal. Cross over the traffic and cloud symbols. Might start a hash-tag re-name campaign!!! Dont really want to spend ages on a help line again unless its going to be sure to correct the fault. Where do i send it back to to get a refund as under 12 months old? Please help????!!!

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