Diesel Euro 1 - 5 ban in bigger European cities

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Hi all,

General question.
In many European cities the diesel ban will be executed starting next year as European environmental targets are not met. For instance, Berlin will have major roads/areas closed for old diesels.
Will TT Traffic info or road/map info encompass this in their updates? Or at least give warning to these limitations?

For those who can read German:

In short, the map shows the areas in Berlin that will be closed for anything less then diesel Euro 6 vehicles.


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It is the same in Paris, old cars can't be driven from monday to friday, from 8 AM ti 8PM. Waze do it!
In Germany, it iscomplicated - some cities ban Diesel euro 1-4, most time not in the whole city but only in certain main traffic connections within a city; even a highway through a city is blocked (in Essen).
It would be easy for a Navigation system to circumnavigate such areas, in Germany as well as in other parts of the world, once the system could recognize the car we drivers are using, such as by asking the relevant questions before deciding on a route......
We should urge the TomTom people to include such a routine. Even easier would it be, if the system could allow for including all relevant car data such as it does now for "car"-"bicyle"-"walking"....... it would help people using the system without being knowledgable on the exact conditions in a (may be foreign) country or city.....



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