TomTom go for iphone | need constant WiFi connection in order to navigate in the car


I bought TomTom go for iphone some 3-4 years ago. It have worked fine intill recently when I got prompted that I only had 21 km left to navigate!? I guess it all started when I did the last update. I then had to purchase unlimited gps mileage for 189 sek.

Then I discovered that I need constant WiFi connection in order to navigate in the car. Why is that ? What’s the point when I have downloaded 5gb west European map on my iPhone. What’s going on? The whole point of purchasing this app was to get rid of my previous car navigator and just have one gadget, but it seems I have to buy one after all or maybe I can find an iOS app that allow me to use the gps in the phone when I’m offline.
Can anybody at TomTom support give me info why this situation has occurred now.

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