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I see that as an original user I can get three years free with the go app? Is that 3 years per purchasee? I have paid out good money for uk Europe USA and south Africa apps. Do do I get 12 years free usage on go as you have dumped support in the better app?

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Hi Pwcomp,

As you can install any map for the GO Mobile you only need to install the app once, unlike with the old app. This means that the upgrade offer can also only be used once. However, Customer Service can you provide you compensation for the other apps you've purchased.

Cheers, Mikko
Hi Mikko

I see from your reply that you may be able to start providing compensation through customer services for those of us who have purchased tom tom apps which support is being discontinued for. If this is the case can you please confirm. In our previous correspondence you said I would have to speak to Apple who in turn said it would be up to you.

Many thanks,