Original iOS app - End of life in September

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I’m surprised I haven’t seen anyone saying the same I’m about to... The app cost me more than £50! And I was regularly paying for HD service but TomTom have decided to stop servicing the app. What right do they have to walk away from our investment? Ok, I get 3 years free service with TTGO but what then? I cover 50’000 miles per year and they want to charge me per mile!

TomTom made a decision to walk away from their customers on the original app. You’re not worth their time and they’ve already spent your money. “Thanks! You bought our CEO a new boat but it needs servicing now, so as a customer, you’re old news”.

Oh! And they’re trying to wriggle out of it by lying to you! Hoping that most users are technophobes.. “Due to the progress of apple technology we can no longer support the original app”! The maps are still loaded on your device and the traffic info is till coming through the data network. TomTom Go isn’t a new app! It’s an update. But an update that eliminates the value of your original purchase.
Couldn't agree more! For ages, TomTom was the highest grossing app in the app store. No wonder for the price they charged! How is it that a $10 calendar app or $2 game can be continuously upgraded through the various iOS evolutions, but yet an AU$85 TomTom app can't? The new TTGO is really bad, so now I'm back to using CoPilot, which isn't much better! Please TomTom, bring back support, or even re-write / update the app. I'd be happy with a modest upgrade fee (e.g. AU$20) but don't kill us off?!!
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Thanks for the mail TomTom, giving thanks for using the old TomTom navigation app, and wishing you'll see me using the new Go one, based on and improved on the feedback provided by users.

Well, to be honest. Go just simply put: sucks. Sorry. It's so fundamentally broken for me starting with the design: I'm sorry. No can do.

Sure if you're first time user picking first even navigation app, maybe this is the the one - although Apple Maps and Google Maps might be appealing and first hand candidates too given their respective companies' weight behind, and having them available as 1st party navigation apps in their respective platforms.

Go is a no go. Period.

However, if you ever think maybe forcing people to adopt the new crappy solution wasn't stellar idea, and you might just considering having old one available as legacy app including live services as monthly subscriptions and regularly updated maps - sure! I'll be back! 🙂 Still love the product! The OLD product! ..and happy to pay for the premiums services too!

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Fortunately I stacked about 18 months worth of traffic updates just before the price went up after Brexit, so I should be OK until Apr 2018. At least the mods on here have stated I'll be refunded if they pull the plug before then (I kept a screen shot of it just incase it "disappears").

I also got the "so long and thanks for all the fish" email with the 3 years subscription, but I foolishly tried the Go app when it first came out. It was soooo bad I went back to the original app, and except for a couple of test to see if it had improved I didn't give it much thought until today.

Of course, the subscription has expired.

After all the money I and many others have given this company you would think that the free 3 year subscription would start AFTER the original app was end of life, not timed to coincide with it.
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If you are expecting rewarding for loyalty, you are looking in the wrong place.

Tomtom refuse to accept facts, or the feedback from their previously loyal users, who have paid their wages for many years.

The new app is the software equivalent of the “kings new suit”, if they truly believe it is viable they don’t deserve to keep their jobs.