New GO Mobile for iPhone v1.9 available for download

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Hi all,

We've just released a new v1.9 of the GO Mobile for iPhone and it's available for download in the Apple AppStore.

What's new?

  • Don’t Get Stuck in a Traffic Jam: 
Keep moving by tapping the traffic jam on the map or on the route bar to find a new route that avoids the jam.
  • Notification for Faster Routes
: Get a notification when a faster route is found, even when the app is running in the background. You can enable this feature in your app settings under Run in background.

Drive safe! 😃

Cheers, Mikko

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Woooa ! What a great update ! 3 month of dev for that !
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TomTom really are spoilling us with the amazing speed & content of their updates. At this rate the IOS version will catch up with the much more advanced but still unusable Android version by 2024. Just in time for them to ditch it and start over with a completely new version with no advanced features whatsoever.

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Extraordinary....I love that 18 months after the release of the app they have just got round to adding a feature called "don't get stuck in a traffic jam". You might have thought the Sat Nav "market leader" would have had this feature from scratch. Perhaps that is what they have been brainstorming for three months.

I actually feel sorry for Mikko having to trot out info/chat about these updates which he must know are hopeless (in speed and content). He must know that every time an update comes out, it will just stir everyone up.

On which note, we are now half way through the "free" three year period and it is now very clear that Tomtom have no intention of having this app fully functional by then. It is seems that Sat Navs are no longer part of the company's core products, which is a shame. This seems a very long drawn out withdrawal from the sat nav market...
This release is a real anti-climax. It's been months since an update and the added features seems little more than a token gesture from tomtom.

What I was really hoping for was a release that addressed the almost insane lag on roundabouts and tight junctions. The physical car is 50+ metres further down the road and tomtom is still neatly drawing the virtual car going around the roundabout. I've had to switch to Apple maps when in a city as I'm constantly taking wrong turnings due to the lag. I like the tomtom app but I'm 2/3 of the way through the "free" subscription that was issued whilst using the old app on Android. At this point in time I just can't justify paying to renew the subscription when there are good (although inferior) satnavs that are completely free. Iphone app needs to match the Android app which is very good. The Tomtom Go was initially a bit rough and limited on Android but a series of frequent updates got it into good shape and a long way ahead of the Iphone offering.
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It’s really a sad update really is. Practically hopeless first of all your not allowed to touch your phone whilst the car is driving with the new uk legislation. The app is ok now. That’s it ok. The older map is killed off in September and is little brother will be okish to use. How many months now tomtom your dragging your feet with this updates
After months of dissapointment, my expectations have been tempered with the realisim that Go will never be as good as good as the orginal app.

As a result I can't be bothered to get upset anymore.

Such a shame
As others have said, what a shambles. For some reason unknown to anyone who ever even used the app, these patches fail to address the horrendous lag, the so bad it's dangerous. It can only be that tomtom male zero money from smart phone app sales and put zero effort into its development. Maybe the iOS app is a clumsy port from the handheld devices and they invest zero time in its development. These uslesss patches, the poor feature list and the ever present lag indicates this is a lost cause.

Why anyone from tomtom won't reply here and explain their approach to the lag issue is beyond me. Surely they must have tested the app themselves on roundabouts ?????????
Arrival time is +1 hour after this update. Little bug needs to be squashed. Otherwise great.
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Hi Maaaaaty,

Welcome to the Community!

Could you start a new topic about your issue with some more details, please? That'd help us look into it.

Thanks, Mikko

Can you acknowledge that the lag is a problem and going to be addressed ?, or is this as good as it's going to get ?. At the moment I tell everyone I speak to to stay away from it until it's fixed. But the stoney slience and over a year of no resolution from you doesn't sound like it's every going to be fixed ????????
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Hi Madone7,

The lag issue is discussed here. Please, post there your feedback with the requested details so that we can forward them to the product team.

Cheers, Mikko
Hi, MikkoK
Is it possible to transfer licenses from my old iphone 4 to android phone? This old app will not be supported and new TT Go is not working on iP4 😞. Is it any chance to do that?
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Hi all,

The one hour ETA difference is discussed here. Please, provide there the (applicable) details user Privateer UK has asked as that will help us assess the issue.

Generally, it's also more helpful to post individual questions and issues on new/separate topics rather than on this announcement topic.

Thanks, Mikko



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