New GO Mobile for iPhone v1.10.1 available for download

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Hi all,

We've just released a new v1.10.1 of the GO Mobile for iPhone and it's available for download in the Apple App Store.

What’s New in v1.10.1
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Cheers, lampard

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Anyone like to guess the odds on one of the bug fixes or improvements sorting out the lag!
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thanks lampard, but which bug fixes?

Is the awfull en dangerous lag gone?
Thanks lampard,

Only major function still missing for me is the option to send routes to iPhone.
With this it will be the best app solution out there!
I love TT Go Mobile on my iPhone X in Ultimateaddons case, what a huge screen ☺

Any idea if this function will be added before the summer holidays?
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Since the latest update GO Mobile for iPhone v1.10.1 Tomtom traffic doesnt work anymore. At first it worked normal but now it doesn’t

whats wrong?

These things i tried without result:
  • i tried both with wifi and 4g both dont work
  • i logged of my account en logged in again
  • i restarted the iphone it didn’t work
  • i turned flight modus Off and on again it didn’t work
  • i removed the app, restarted the iphone and reinstalled the app it didn’t work
i have an iphone X with Ios 11.3.1 In the Netherlands. My provider is Vodafone.
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lampard wrote:

What’s New in v1.10.1

  • Bug fixes and improvements

Lampard, than you for the update but what exactly has been changed? What bug fixes, and what improvements has the development team done? There are plenty of bugs that need fixing and plenty of improvements that have been requested by people on this forum.

It's been over two months since the last update and you don't tell us what has been changed. Sorry but that's ridiculous. 😡

I've update to 1.10.1 and although I've not driven with it, I have tested downloading POIs via MyDrive and I still can't get my own POIs to appear on iOS TomTom GO Mobile.

The fact that nobody is telling us what the changes are, leads me to speculate that the only change is the version number itself, to lead the customers into thinking that the app is still being worked on and getting the occasional update.

I will be driving with the 1.10.1 later on today, I'm not expecting any improvements, I'm wary of new problems, I'd like to be pleasantly surprised but I'm not expecting it.

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As expected, no improvement to the lag. TT allowed me to drive straight past a left-hand turning today - didn't change for about 4 seconds, quite a way at 30mph
Apparently a bug in the search for alternative routes has been fixed. If you were looking for an alternative half way or even later, there was an error in the calculation of the remaining driving time. More precisely, the time difference to the current route was displayed. It could happen that an alternative route was supposedly 45 minutes faster, although only 15 travel time was calculated for the current route.
I have only recently downloaded Go mobile on my ipad but it seems TomTom have gone backward and the old no longer supported system which included a limited speed option is no longer available. For me the new system is a waste of memory and it looks like I will have to delete it and try to reload the old system!
It just blows my mind who would pay for this app (the service that comes with it). I just don't get what TomTom is doing... Once a reputable GPS/software company, now.. not even close...

Pitty, I really enjoyed using their devices and then app on iOS. But since their change I've switched to Google Maps which has a million times more up to date information and is SO much faster updating their maps once user submits a correction.

I just don't understand how TomTom think they will survive for much longer.

Maybe they are just waiting to be bought by either Nokia/Apple/Google or something similar?
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silvetti wrote:

Maybe they are just waiting to be bought by either Nokia/Apple/Google or something similar?

I Think this
Hi, After installing vs 1010 the app refuses to start on my iPhone 4S
Any thoughts?
Iphone 7+ running IOS 11.4.
I have a similar problem. App was working fine until I tried to load the NZ map update. it downloaded 100% but would not load. App just sits there forever trying to load the map.
I reinstalled the app and get the same thing after installing the map.
Any help appreciated.
Can't get the app to start anymore on iOS 11 & 12. Seems to work fine if access to contacts is allowed but if it get's blocked, the app won't start at all.
When I am driving tt jumps to share arrival time or route discription. But I dont touch my phone !! That is dangerous when I am driving.



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