Feature Request for GO Mobile for iPhone - Disable automatic zoom at junctions

I woult realy like to be able to disable the automatic zoom at junctions. Now the app zooms in when approaching a junction, turn, cross road, etc. When I look at that in a glance, whilst driving I often think that I'm further away from it because the app has been zooming in. I'd like the zoom level to be non-depending on junctions or turns. Can a feature be added to the settings to avoid this automatic zoom (at junctions)?

Having said that, I think the automatic zooming depending on the speed must stay. This is intuitive and doesn't confuse me.

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It seems this is a feature long available on TomTom 5xxx and 6xxx Series. It's called "Zoom to next turn" there.

Could we please have this in the settings menu for iphone?
... and in the user manual for the TomTom Go devices. Why not in de app?



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