Screen problem on Samsung S7

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Tomtom is no good for AMOLED screens. My S7 edge is, pretty much destroyed:

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Hi Pottsy,

That certainly doesn't look good! I'm not sure if GO Mobile uses the screen differently from other similar apps, but I'll flag this to the product team. Could you also mention you full phone model and Android version, please?

Cheers, Mikko
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Hi Pottsy,

According to the product team this could be cause by a corrupt installation. Could you try re-install the app, please?

Thanks, Mikko
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How much screen time has TT Go been getting? Do you drive for a living?

I've had my Galaxy Alpha with AMOLED screen for over 2 years and there's no sign of burn-in from TT Go or any other program.
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This is screen burn caused by using a navigation app on a phone with an AMOLED display. The photo is of a white screen....

It's not Tomtom's fault, and it's not Samsung's fault. It's just that AMOLED + navigation does not go. Tomtom could, however, do some clever stuff to stop this. Like turning the display off until something changes, or moving the display around.

Uriel, no - I just commute an hour each way down the motorway. The screen was trashed within 6 months. Next time it will be an LCD phone.
Amazing!! I too have a S7 Edge. I just tried a white background too, and discovered that my device suffers from the same issue! The TT marks are clearly visible, but not as serious as yours. TT is the only app that stays on my screen for a long time. Only once or twice a month for one or two hours, but during holiday it will stay on for a day (only off during stops). I never realized burn-it could happen to an amoled screen. A use black mode for most apps. I expect that many screens will be damaged by this issue in the future.
I would adorn TT if they would create something to prevent burn in (like always on display).
Hey Pottsy,

Sadly this will happen with every app on an AMOLED screen when it's left for prolonged periods. Spotify/Skype/Google Maps/Waze; pretty much anything with static UI elements will do this ( sadly including the default android UI if you leave screen on while charging, I had that happen to me once 😞 ).

Depending on the extent of the issue, there are a couple free apps on the Android Marketplace that can help reduce the impact by doing some fancy math and system tricks like localized color inversion. If you look for Burn in on the marketplace your sure to see a list, I can't vouch for any of the current ones myself as I moved away from AMOLED more than a year ago, but they have reviews.

No guarentees ( your burn in is pretty deep ), but it might be an opportunity to reduce the impact. ( Basically it's not "fixing" it, but doing the same sort of idea as active noise cancelling headphones; analyzing the signal and tossing a mirror version in it's place, stuff like that ).

I work for TomTom, but the views expressed here are my own.


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