Question: Integration of Tom Tom Go App in CAR (launcher, use keyboard,...)

voice control,


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12 October 2017, 10:48

I' m trying to integrate the Tom Tom app installed on an Android tablet in the most user friendly way to be used in my car.
This means :
-Selection of car launcher
- steering wheel controls
I will use a JoyCon adapter that converts steering wheel buttons in Usb keyboard strokes.
my question is, are there features from the Tom Tom Go app that can be controlled via the keyboard (short cuts, use of tasker,...)?
I'm looking for a launcher that works well with Tom Tom Go. (speech control,....)

This launcher must also use a specific media player (Usb audio player), and voice calls are not made via the tablet but the car radio.

Does someone has recommendations witch car launcher best integrates Tom Tom Go on an Android tablet?

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    12 October 2017, 11:58


    This sounds like you need so rather specialist knowledge, try contacting Customer Services, they should be able to get the information from the tech team

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