Great App let down by lack of ability to IMPORT itineraries

Have tried the new app on my smartphone. Was really excited about this app and it worked well when I tried it in "free" mode. The pricing model is also attractive. I like the inclusion of map updates, "safety" cameras and live traffic in the subscription. However I will not be taking out a subscription until there is a means of importing .itn files. Routes with multiple waypoints can be created on the device, but this is incredibly tedious. (It appears they may be saved hidden in a database file in the .itn folder.) It is much easier to use such as Tyre on the PC. The ability to use multiple waypoints is clearly in the app and the .itn folder is there, why not allow users to import their itineraries? Answers please TomTom!

Originally a TOMTOM One 3rd ed user. This was great until the itinerary function was removed.
Switched to Co-Pilot to overcome this problem and access up to date maps and traffic data.
I want to use the new TomTom app, which I think will prove to be better than CoPilot, but not with this handicap.

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Most probably the feature will be available at some point but they haven't developed it yet. So far you can plan ITNs on the device/in the app yet. Apparently they are working on some cloud based solution which would fulfil your request 🙂

I am currently doing research about what navigation system to use. My hope is to find an app that is good enough so that I won't have to buy a separate unit for the purpose. Just like you, I find the possibility to import routes created on a PC a must have, so naturally I am really disappointed to learn that it is not possible in the new TomTom app.

What I also lack is an explanation from a TomTom representative. Is this a functionality that is intentionally left out in order to encourage people to invest in a dedicated navigator, or is it something that will be included in a foreseeable future?

From what I understand of your post, you are saying that the functionality existed in a previous version, but was intentionally removed? If so, I feel this indicates the former explanation...
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Was intentionally removed or not yet implemented results in the same at the moment. I don't think it is worth arguing if it is half full or half empty. It is in the making apparently, but not available yet.
I think you misunderstand the intention of my post. Obviously it is not important to me why they don't offer the functionality as of right now, but I thought knowing that could serve as an indication of whether or not it will get implemented.

To me it is not apparent that the implementation is in the making, so if you have evidence for this, I would be happy to read it. That is the intention of my post, because if it will be implemented soon, it could very well sway my decision of what device to get.
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The GO Mobile is based on the same NavKit as the new Rider 400 models (NAV4). ON that one, it is already implemented just now to create a route on a PC, put it on a memory card and import from there to the device. On the NAV4 PNDs (the car models) it was told at other parts of the forum that it is in the making.

One evidence:


And one more:

Now I'm not saying that some explicitly promised from TT that it will be done on the GO Mobile, but so far all the bits and bobs point to this conclusion and it is only a matter of time.
Thank you for your answer!

I do know that the new Rider models have this functionality, but unfortunately they cost more than what I feel prepared to spend on a GPS navigator.

Are you by the way saying that the new car models from TT also lack this functionality right now? As in all of them? This is news to me, since I thought newer models of TT would be capable of loading .itn files. See for example

I do however get a bit confused regarding the version numbering. Tyretotravel states that versions 3 and 4 do not work, but that version 5 and up do. You are talking about NAV4, so I assume that it is something different? Could you please help me out with that as well?

Also, wouldn't you agree with me that this is a suitable place for a TT representative to comment on the matter? In that way we wouldn't need to speculate based on what functionality other products offer.
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In general it is a user forum to help each other. TT reps are here as a nice to have "feature" and actually they do a considerably good job, compared to their involvement on the forum a few years back.

NAV4 is the latest range of TT PNDs, such as GO 40/50/60/400/500/600/5000/6000, the new 5250 TRUCK and also the new Rider 400 too. I don't know if any of the in-dash systems use the NavKit already.
Sorry, I still don't really follow you on matter of whether or not the car model PNDs support importing routes in the form of itn files. Is that what you say that you do not know? Also, are you saying that the FAQ on is outdated in that it states

"There is only one condition: you should have the right software installed on your TomTom or PDA: TomTom Navigator version 5 or up." ?

I can only read that as all new (from version 5) TT PDA support importing itn files.
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No, the car PNDs (new ones) not (yet). I think that Tyre info might be old, but that one is also not a TT software. The Tyre guys should update it.
Thank you, good to know! Though not very positive. I will really have to think about what product to get.


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