Dutch voice Xander says several times backslash

The Dutch voice Xander tells several times backslash. Deleting Xander voice and reinstall didn't work. I work with the latest version of the app on a Samsung Galaxy S5.

Regards nout
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Hi Nout,

Welcome to the Community!

We've released new versions of the Xander and Ellen voices to address this issue already a while ago. Please, delete the voice(s) in the Settings - Voices menu and download again.

Please, post back here to tell us how you're doing with this so that we can help you further, if needed 😃

Cheers, Mikko
With me from yesterday evening not working with Xander..

remove and download does not change it
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Hi R Saaman,

That's strange. For some reason you're not getting the fixed voice when re-installing it.

I'd recommend you to remove the voice once more, clear the app's data (Settings > Apps > GO > Clear data) and re-download the voice. Please note, that clearing the app data will delete your personal information, e.g. My Places, My Routes and destination prediction data. You can save and restore My Places with MyDrive.

Cheers, Mikko
same problem here, reset and reinstall everything did not work for me
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Hi Marco,

Welcome to the Community!

Unfortunately, I don't have more suggestions at this point. I'll send a heads-up to the product team, but I'd also recommend you to contact Customer Service about this. They'll be able to gather the relevant details for further investigation.

Cheers, Mikko
I'm experiencing this as well. Is there any news on a fix?
I have a Galaxy S7 Edge, Android 7, and I have the same problem. I must say voices never worked fine for me. I had issues where parts at the beginning and end of text where cut of so I could only hear half of the messages. Now another issue with Backslash and some other code text in the voices.

And all the nice solutions like delete cache, reinstall app and put your phone in a dishwasher do not help. Now my phone is broken. Do I get a new phone now?

When will it be properly tested before bringing updates?
Same here! Samsung S7, Android 7.
nelizzzz wrote:

Same here! Samsung S7, Android 7.

Also same here, S7 Edge and Android 7, Eva (Belgie NL) does works good for now.
If you search for TomTom Go Mobile Fix on a NZB site you find the good voice from Ellen and Xander.
I replaced them en it works now.

Same here Samsung S7, Android 7.0. Did everything but it didn't work.
Samsumg s6, android 6.01. Complete reinstall, no effect
Same here. Samsung S7 Edge. I deleted and reinstalled all voices, no success. Wiped data and cache, removed the app and APK-file, restarted the device and reinstalled the app: no effect. It is very annoying and distracting in traffic!
I expect a fix from TomTom soon. If TomTom is not offering a proper solution, I will not renew my subscription and I will have to go back to Sygic or Here.
Hello TomTom wake up!!!! Any news about a fix?
So many people with this problem and radio silence from Tomtom?
I have sent an email to tomtom-go-mobile-support@tomtom.com 5 days ago. But received no reaction at all. Is support the same as customer service (as MikkoK) suggested?
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Hi Frup

Unfortunately, I am not able to find a contact reference on your account, so I would request you to please start a new ticket by clicking on the 'Contact us' link at the bottom of this page.

is a forum request not enough? do i and all the others, also shoot in a mail of the problem?
it looks like a BIG issue and i hoope that somebody is working on it..??
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Hi all,

Please note, that this is a user forum. While forum Staff, such as myself, actively monitor the forum and report to the rest of the business, individual support is provided by Customer Service. They'll also be better able to gather all the relevant details for our technicians to look into issues such as the one discussed here.

Cheers, Mikko
This voice issue is an issue for which it seems TomTom can't get it under control. Now we have the slash 1200 trash in the Xander computer voice, but I can remember only one version where voice worked fine. On all other versions I had issues with instructions where voice was cut off at beginning and end of the given direction instructions. I had this on my Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S7 Edge both when connected to Bluetooth. With all other navigation apps, paid and non-paid, google maps I never had any issue.

I do read in the comments in the Google Play store many users are (almost) done with TomTom. It's not acceptable for a well paid app it has to take that long to make a main navigation function work well. But sometimes I feel they do not care. They just think any single new subscription is nice to have.
Okay then, I have created a new ticket 170419-xxxxxx.
However the issue must be very well known by TomTom. Because there are many users complaining about the same issue on this forum and on Google Play. We may assume that TomTom take their existing customers serious. So that they will renew their subscription when expiring.
If there is no solution offered soon, I probably will not renew and switch back to Sygic.
The issue is very confusing and distracting in heavy traffic and might even cause accidents.

Mod edit: Please, don't post private information on a public forum. Thanks!
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Hi all,

While we're working on a fix for this, please use the Ellen voice.

We're very sorry for the inconvenience this causes you!

Cheers, Mikko
Thanks for the update!
I discovered that you can also activate another real voice (like Bram), if Ellen is on the system. Delete Xander. Because the navigation instructions come from the activated voice, but the service anouncements (like estimated arrival time, and traffic jam) will still come from the computer voice. Even if not activated.
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Hi Frup,

Thanks for sharing the tip!

A computer voice is indeed used for arrival time and read aloud traffic/speed camera notifications if selected (see here and here [user manual]), regardless of the voice chosen for navigation instructions.

Cheers, Mikko
Hi, I have the same problems. When i install ellen i have the problem still because Xander is saying the Arriva time. I installed the newest version on my samsung s8+ device.

Greats claudia
Also the extra information traffic is given bij Xander but i installed the voice ellen. Even with this information i receive a lot of backslashes.


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