...and of course NO Itinerary planning

only those stupid way points

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A great free service online for planning a rout is:" target="_blank

I use it every day in my job.  TomTom offers nothing close to this.
I don't understand what you are talking about. Is this not the advanced planification feature ?
You are right - it's the question of making 20 or more way points and the ability to save them.
Does anybody know if TT are going to add Itinerary planning to the Android version? I had it 4 or 5 years ago on TT Nav6. I've used it extensively for holiday travel for the last 3 or 4 years. Why is it not in the Android version???

At this rate I'm going to have to get my old phone with Nav 7 on it out , can't understand why this was excluded.
Tomtom hasn't sold itenary planning on amy consumer models since mid-2010.

They never explained the removal, though consumers kept on asking.  

The feature is on their motorcycle models, and has been enhanced to support garmin gpx and hundreds of waypoints. So the code is ready and waiting. Its a shame that they keep leaving it out.
Noted also that the "itn" folder is there in the folder structure on the phone. I have used the TYRE software in the past to plan holiday routes etc

BEFORE I realised that this version of TT doesn't have Itinerary planning I loaded up TYRE & copied an old itinerary to my phone from it to see if the software would recognise the phone and then whether the TT software would read old itineraries I have saved, and it dumped the file right into the itn folder.

I wish I'd known this before I downloaded the thing - I would probably never have bought it. 😞 I'm off to go & read what the refund terms are

I never imagined that there would be such a major feature missing that has been on the preveious two versions of the Navigator software at least. I used to use it all athe time - looks like I am going to have to dig my old phone out  go back to using Navigator 7 - or just buy something else - any suggestions?


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