TomTom car finder with the curfer app shows the old location

When I use my Tomtom carfinder, it does not direct me to the last position of the car, but the one prior to that. So it does not connect to the destination of my last trip, but the destination of the trip before that.

Does anyone else experience this problem? Or does anyone know a solution?
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Hi Donmaffie,

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Are you seeing other data in the app? When was it last connected to your car? Does the app show your current location?

I'd recommend you to clear the app cache or re-install it.

Cheers, Mikko
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The Car Finder shows the last known location when your phone was connected to the CURFER. Can you check that your phone was connected to the CURFER in the last trip and if so did you also have a GPS connection switched on?


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