penalised for idling after 60 seconds? Curfer

Only started using the Curfer the last few days and find it an interesting little device.
Why though, do I get penalised for idling after 60 seconds?
My van hasn't got stop start technology so when I'm sitting at traffic lights dowwwwwwn the score goes.
It's not fair 🙂

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I guess somebody somewhere has decided that the config should be speed = zero + revs > 1 for more than 60 secs = idling.

I’d say that was about right. Usually you are crawling in traffic so idling won’t apply. To sit for a whole minute with the engine running and not even creeping forward at all is quite unusual I guess? It feels about right to me.

To keep the score up you need to turn the engine off, which to be blunt does us all a favour which is one of the things that curfer is all about I guess!
But if I turn the engine off it will think I've completed my trip won't it?
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I think that the trip is only closed after x seconds - Not sure what x is!
So I believe that you can turn the vehicle off and it keeps the trip open and if you start it again within x seconds then the trip is not broken.
I'm going to try it!



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