Migrating to iPhone X - App won't connect to CURFER

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I have just upgraded to an iPhone X. I restored it from my iPhone 7 backup and am struggling to get it to connect to my CURFER.

The app is still logged into my account and has all my data, including Tracks.

In iOS Settings, it shows the phone is connected to the CURFER:

But in the CURFER app, it says "Disconnected":

I have tried using the "Swap Hardware" button, but it won't let me tap "Next" on step 2:

I've also tried:
- Restarting phone
- Forgetting and reconnecting to the CURFER in Bluetooth Settings
- Restarting the app
- Unplugging and reconnecting the CURFER device

I have not uninstalled and reinstalled the app, as I don't want to lose any CURFER data.

How can I get my CURFER working again with my new phone?

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Can't help you I'm afraid other than to say you're not alone - I have exactly the same issue. Was working fine on iPhone 7 yesterday - restored back up onto IPhone X and it won't connect for me either.
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I tried 2 more times, and actually managed to get it working!

Not sure exactly what did it. But I first checked it was still working on the old phone. Also tried logging out on the old phone. But I didn’t need to delete the app, so all my tracks are still available on the X. So keep playing and hopefully it’ll start working!



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