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I noted that when I connected this product to my vehicle and drove over 2000+ miles all over Europe all it would do was show voltage and well the vehicle location data, nothing else. I send it back to TOMTOM with as much info as I could and it came back saying OUT OF WARRANTY. Given I had purchased this from TOMTOM just a week-or-so before that's clearly not correct. The authorised repair paperwork waffled on about WHAT TO DO NEXT. However, this information was relevant to a navigation device. What I can see is that there is a change in the S/N so as the documentation states they have swapped it with another. We will see if this has solved the issue?

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My understanding (guess!) is that curfer will report whatever is presented to it. So in other words, whatever your car presents at the OBD port. Is your car make, model and age on the curfer car check whitelist?
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Check that your vehicle is on this list
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Hi guys, yes it’s compatible from the list hence my reasoning in buying same. Having said this, there is some logic to have tested the “data” access info before listing as compatible. If connection to the engine brain is restricted and password locked then it’s a pointless piece of equipment. I have no idea if the “updated” item so-called re-programmed will work as it’s yet to be fitted- I will let the forum know..?



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