Curfer and locking indicator lights-Flashes thrice..

Okay this is probably a complete coincidence...

When I lock my car from the keyfob, the indicators have always flashed twice.
I installed my Curfer a few days ago. Today I've noticed that now when I lock my car, the indicator lights now flash 3 times and I can't find out why. I really want to know what it's trying to tell me with this change.

I can't find anything in the car manual (2015 Ford Fiesta), or mentioned online, which leads me to believe it's not a normal action. I've posted on a couple of Ford Forums and am awaiting for a reply.

Just wondering if it could be Curfer-related?
Is it know for some cars to react this way to remind you something's been left plugged into the OBD port?
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What happens if you unplug the CURFER LINK 100 dongle?