curfer activation failed as not matching user account?

I just received my near new curfer from Amazon, plugged it into my OBD socket and green LED started flashing, activated and linked to curfer via Bluetooth but phone says activation failed as not matching user account? Could this curfer be registered to someone else's account? If so what to do next? Thanks
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I've tried to sync Curfer with Iphone App and I'm getting the following message 'it is showing that it is already linked to another user'. See attached photo.
My problem was rectified by a helpful lady at TomTom. My curfew was registered to another account and had to be deleted from original account before I could register to me. Hope this helps and I experienced a lot of passing around for about an hour on 2 or 3 calls before I found someone willing to help.
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If you're buying a used CURFER (or near-new, however you want to phrase it) make sure the previous owner has deleted their account via the app. This divorces the old account to the device meaning you can set up from scratch.
Same happened to me, and I bought a new Curfer (at From the packaging it did not show it may have been used before. Seemed brand new to me.
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That's a bit annoying, new should mean new! That said, it's not worth losing any sleep over it as there has only ever been one OBD dongle and the firmware can be upgraded so it's no different to a new one.

I think the feature of locking the Curfer to my account is a good one. If it gets stolen, I don't want anyone else using it without going through a process!


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