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I use my Bandit for short clips (1 to 3 minutes) of my sailing students. I film over a period of 2-5 days and after each day I import the clips to Studio. At home I want to make a clip for each student and send it by email or WhatsApp. I also review the (unedited) clips each day with my students.

I would like to have the following possibilities in Studio:
* very basic editing tools for clips (cut beginning, middle piece or end)
* control the resulting file size for sharing
* if TomTom sticks to the philosophy of turning highlights into stories (instead of the ability to edit the original file):
- the ability to separate highlights that belong to other stories (one story for each student)
- control the length of the highlight (not maxed out to 16 secs), so that an entire clip of 3 minute can be a highlight

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I've just bought a TomTom bandit and have a couple of features that I think it is really missing.

1 - Already picked out on this forum but an easy ability to save an entire video with the sensor metrics (GPS, Speed, Altitude, G Force) imposed on the video would be great. I've done this by dragging the highlights but this takes a long time to do.

2 - Software stabilisation of the videos would be great built into the Bandit Studio application. I am able to use other applications to stabilise the videos, however once I do I then can't utilise the sensor metrics.
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Hi tomdean79,

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I've logged your feedback as an improvement request for Bandit Studio and camera for the product team to review. 🙂

use studio (laptop screen) as viewer for the camera