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We are happy to announce the release of the open public Beta version of the TomTom Bandit Studio desktop editing suite.

What is the TomTom Bandit Studio?

The TomTom Bandit Studio is a lightweight and free desktop editing suite for your TomTom Bandit.
It allows you to manage your videos and “Create a Story” using the highlights from your recordings - including overlays and music (mp3 only).
It’s also possible to update the Bandit Action Camera directly in the TomTom Bandit Studio.

Why is TomTom releasing the TomTom Bandit Studio as a Public Beta?

We want to make sure our users get the best experience when using the final version of the TomTom Bandit Studio, with your help we can make this possible.

Who should join the Beta?

Anyone who is interested in having early access to the TomTom Bandit Studio and is happy to provide feedback on their experiences.

How do I join the Beta?

You just need to download the beta version of the TomTom Bandit Studio for either Windows or Mac from

How can I provide feedback?

Simply create a post or comment on existing posts here in this board.

What kind of Feedback would TomTom like?

We want everything! Any issues you have seen, any bugs you experience, the improvements you wish to see. We will also listen to any feature requests that you may have.
A small team of TomTom Employees will respond to the posts to either help you with any questions you have and also to log all feedback for use in improving the TomTom Bandit Studio.

How do I get started with the TomTom Bandit Studio?

Our aim is to provide a video editing desktop suite that is both easy to use and intuitive. We also have more information in the user guide available from and on our support pages to help you get started and another post here:

Happy Editing – The TomTom Team

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Look forward to testing this! Just been on a 2 hour bike ride with a mixture of sun, rain and even a bit of snow! Managed to get some footage with the bandit along the way! Will give it a go and report back 🙂
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Did a quick test yesterday and added a few of the highlights it found. Simple and easy to use. Looking forward to doing a full video on it
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Great app thanks Chris & Team! Look forward to further improvements.

It does require a fairly new/fast computer; my 9 year old dinosaur only barely did the job with some stuttering, so looks like a reason to upgrade!

Feedback and improvement requests:

1. When deleting highlights from My Story, the placemarker jumps all the way to the start of the timeline. It would be better for it to stay in the position just prior to the highlight that was deleted so you don't have to scroll back and find your place.

2. Will overlays for GPS position (showing live GPS position progressing along a course set out by start/end location of the video) be added in final version? Same as what the Sony Action cam does.

3. Will Elevation overlay be added as well?

4. Why can't multiple overlays be displayed at the same time? The product marketing gives the impression that this can be done.

5. Can ability be added to import videos which aren't recorded from the Tomtom camera?

6. Will a slow motion function be added to process highlights? See item #4 above; I processed a video clip via an external different application so it was in slow motion, but then Tomtom studio wouldn't allow me to import the video to add into My Story.

7. Can the soundtrack be as a variable 1-100% volume so that it plays in the background as well as the sound recorded in the video?

I agree with suits requests teK adding the request to apply overlays also to entire portions of videos I have chosen . Let me explain if I do a downhill mountain bike and I want to see it all from start to finish with the speed currently is not possible unless you press the star button every 10 seconds and you create a story with highlights created manually .
I got to see the software Garmin virB and hope that we can come up with something very similar with the Bandit

I believe that this ActionCam is fantastic and I'm doing a hype among my friends , I hope that the improvements software required for bandit study are taken into account

Best regard
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Hi Tek,

Thanks for the feedback! I am logging this now. Here's a little update on the points you raised:

1. Good point, when you delete a highlight you would probably want to return to the same point to continue editing.
2. This overlay is currently available in the iOS TomTom Bandit App, so I believe it's only a matter of time until it's added, to the Studio but I will check this. On a side note if you right click on an imported video in the Originals section there is an option to "Export GPS Data" as a .kml file, which can then be viewed on a map.
3. We have an Altitude highlight already in the Bandit Studio named "King of the Hill", it's directly underneath the Superhero overlay option.

4. Logging this, I too hope that this is something we can add soon
5. Logging this one too, in theory it should be possible, but you would have to manually add highlights to the video footage for it to appear in the timeline and they wouldn't work with the overlays.
6. Currently slow motion can only be captured in camera, I will log this though as it would be great to slow/speed up some footage during the editing process.
7. Very good point, at the moment the volume is the same as the original MP3 file that's added.

Thanks again for the feedback, and please if there's anything else please don't hesitate to share it here.

Edit: Looks like I am using a slightly later version of the TomTom Bandit Studio, currently only Speedy Devil and Superhero are the only available overlays.
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Marcorasta wrote:

adding the request to apply overlays also to entire portions of videos I have chosen ... I want to see it all from start to finish with the speed currently is not possible unless you press the star button every 10 seconds and you create a story with highlights created manually.

Thanks for the Feedback Marcorasta, actually there is a way around this, if you want to add an entire video into the timeline and apply an overlay it is possible. Simply manually add one highlight from the video to the timeline. When in the MyStory timeline screen you will see two small icons either side of the highlight, you can drag these icons to reduce or extend the length of the highlight. Moving each one to its fullest extent will result in the entire source video being added to the timeline. If you do want multiple overlays you will need to add separate highlights for each time you want to change the overlay being used.
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Thanks Chris, it looks like the development is progressing well and we really appreciate being a part of the process!
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First of all.... Happy to see the beta version! 😃

Shake to edit is very nice, but creating compilations isn't really something you want to do on a Phone, therefore this desktop editing suite is more than welcome. I haven't fully tried it, but for now i'm very happy with it.

One thing though. Marcorasta has a point.
Creating a story from an entire movie isn't easy.

Chris, you say we can drag icons to reduce or extend the length of a highlight. And your right about that.
But within the highlight I can only extend for a few seconds.
To add more I have to switch to the list of highlights an go back to the highlight again to drag for a few extra seconds… and again, and again.... Not really useful.

I saw that in ‘My Story’ I can also drag the beginning or end of a highlight. But again, I can only drag it for a few seconds a time.
A standard highlight is only 6 seconds, before I have a movie of 20 minutes I have to drag the icon numerous times.

I can think of 2 solutions.
1) Create a properties menu for highlights;
2) Zoom possibility for the timeline.

I think that a properties menu would create lots of possibilities. Change the beginning of the highlight, the end…. Sound-level, Slow-motion, High-speed, the possibility to create transitions between highlights 😉

At this moment, the timeline has the same scale for a movie that’s 6 seconds or 20 minutes long. My display shows 95 seconds of timeline. Make the timeline scalable and changing the length of a highlight becomes much more easy. This scalability also makes it easier to edit highlights within tens of seconds or less, which sometimes can be necessary.

This is it for now.
I’ll report again when I come across more.
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EAssinckj wrote:

First of all.... Happy to see the beta version! 😃

Chris, you say we can drag icons to reduce or extend the length of a highlight. And your right about that.
But within the highlight I can only extend for a few seconds.
To add more I have to switch to the list of highlights an go back to the highlight again to drag for a few extra seconds… and again, and again.... Not really useful.

I saw that in ‘My Story’ I can also drag the beginning or end of a highlight. But again, I can only drag it for a few seconds a time.
A standard highlight is only 6 seconds, before I have a movie of 20 minutes I have to drag the icon numerous times.

Yes in Highlight view you can only adjust the Highlight a few seconds either side, this is so you can fine tune the Highlight to your liking.

However you can make Highlights much longer and even extend the Highlight to cover the entire video in the MyStory timeline. See the attachments below, in the first one you can see I have imported a single 17 minute long video, in the second one you can see that a single highlight from that video has been "stretched" out to cover the entire 17 minute video.

Admittedly it's a little cumbersome, so I am reporting that we would like to see an option to add entire videos to the MyStory mode.
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A couple of issues with the operation of studio:
1/ Adding a soundtrack: No individual tracks appear below the folder icon in Studio when I select certain albums from my music folder....why would that be?
2/ I've tried the share link for my story and Studio starts to create a movie but stops at long should I have to wait for a 20 sec video to be created.
Very happy with the camera so far..and trying to make the most of the features and as I have windows smartphone, I'm relying on Studio to help with that 🙂
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Hi James,

The Bandit Studio (and the Bandit apps) only support mp3 audio files, if your music is in another format that could explain why you are not seeing them.

The longer the video, the longer it takes to process. A 20 second video shouldn't take long at all though. I am not sure what's causing the freezing issues, if you didn't I would recommend restarting your PC after the installation of the Bandit Studio and maybe reinstalling it if there's still a problem.
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Thanks Chris..I'll try a re-install and report back, Cheers:)
i've currently made a video of aprox. 12 minutes (ski-vacation), but i'm trying to save it but everything it gets stuck at 16% and it says "something went wrong, pleasy try again". what can be the problem and how can i fix this? i dont dare to close the studio or my laptop, because im afraid i have to start over again
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Hi dubpie, I am not sure exactly what's causing this issue, James had a similar issue but after reinstalling it he hasn't come back to say whether or not that solved it for him. One thing I would suggest is that you check whether there is enough free space on your PC to save the file.
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Hi Chris,
Sorry for delay..I re-installed but it had no effect..I then deleted the speed overlay from the video and video was saved ok.
Tried a couple of times and applying an overlay makes the video creation freeze at 16%.
Hope you can get somewhere with this information.

I've shot quite some footage with the TomTom Bandit now. And after selecting some videos and Highlights and entering story mode, the highlights seem to get mixed up. Is it possible to order them by time taken?

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Hi James, this is very strange, can you confirm for me that the PC you are using meets the minimum specifications that are listed here:
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Hi Trebium, currently there is no way to filter the highlights in to another order, I will log this as feedback. By default the order of the highlights and originals is newest first, so the last video and highlight that was made will be the first one.

When using the "I feel lucky" option in My Story they will be added in chronological order. However if you manually add the highlights they will be added to the timeline in the order that you selected them. Is this the behaviour you are seeing?
Hi guys.

I have to say I love the Bandit.

Its great that you are working on a Bandit Studio since it does help making a more professional movie than the iOS app.

One thing though, since I have worked with Pinnacle Studio in the past and have looked at the GoPro Studio, will you be adding options to use effects and filters? Also, templets would be a great way to start a project.

I really hope you get to create something brilliant.
Good evening, someone tell me why I see only two overlay?
thank you
You post an example
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Hi ninomtb, in the current TomTom Bandit Studio beta build there are only two overlays available, we will soon be releasing an update to the Beta which will contain more overlays, I don't have a date yet for this but when I know more we will update here.
Thanks for the information
as well, great to see a bandit studio coming, even in beta.
Let me describe my use case:
On Saturday evening I went with my wife for a snowshoe tour, a fondue and sledging to go back. Yes, I live in the alps 🙂
So first I would use my bandit to record some ambiance shots before the walk.
Then I would spot a few moments during the walk, from 30s to 3m. walking with snow sho, chalet, woods, etc..
Then, filming the arriving at the restaurant, the fondue, ambiance and mood.
Then I would record the full descent on the sledge, in order to capture the full GPS trace.. As I don't have any accessories I would leave the camera recording in my pocket and simply point at something interesting when it happens.

So on sunday I tried to do the editing on my mac.
As there is no elevation or gps track on bandit studio yet, I moved to my iPad (sic).

On the ipad, I spent 3 hours editing with a lot of frustration, because the instant market as interesting where not the one interesting.
Having simple fix shoot is not recognized as interesting.
Max speed reached during the sledding was with my camera in my pocket.
and so on...
Plus I want to show different overlay on each shot: one with Altitude, one with trace, one with speed, to illustrate the different moments.
So far I had to take an exploit, add the overlay, export to the camera roll... and do the final cut in iMovie for iOS...

That to say that I don't really believe in having a camera being smarter than me to choose the right moments.
It's a nice addition, but must remains optional.

And I don't believe that tomtom (or gopro or garmin) has the capabilities / resources / willingness to produce a full fledge video editor. There are specialized tools out there such as fcpx that Tomtom can never compete against (3d titles, cut, multi cam,...)
So I'm planning to continue to use FCPX for my video edition. And I guess a lot of TomTom users are on Mac, using FCPX or iMovie.

However, there is added value to have all the sensor information available.

So my requests:
1. to be able to add overlay on every single exploit or movie (segment) - not only to the full movie
2. to be able to export easily these movies as individual segments.
3. to choose between more overlay data.
4. to have have multiple overlay per segments (altitude + speed for example).
5. to have different graphs/gauges instead of the current one and to be able to choose the size of the icons (they are way too big).
6. to generate a map with all the small icons and associated info (max speed, max altitude...) at their respective locations.
7. to have the GPS to record even if the camera is not recording - so we can have the full trace. At least as an option, I understand the battery life trade off. Yes, I plan to continue to record small segments of video instead of 3 hours of continuous footage, as I can't trust the camera to do better than me. But yes, I plan to continue to use this great camera and use the capabilities related to sensors.
8. to be able to export GPX file - not KML, this is useless as there is no time information, so no acceleration, no speed, nothing.

This all I can think of for now.
And by the way, I had a contour+, a sony actioncam AS100v, a Garmin Virb Elite - that I all sold to get the bandit.
And I still believe the bandit has a lot of value. Still need some effort on the software side to make it the perfect cam.

Hope it help, don't hesitate to share my comments directly with the product team - I also work in a major consumer electronic company and I know that the product team love to get direct feedback from consumer.
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YES zboub75! my thoughts exactly, as well as allow to import to a directory I choose. Always on GPS trace and native GPX exports are the most important in my opinion. All the rest can be more or less be taken care of in 3rd party software if we have the data needed...



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