TOMTOM Bandit Customize Overlays

Is there a way to customize overlays sizes, colors, transparency and style ?
Also Altitude overlay looks specific to mountain climbing while it's supposed to be general or at least "customizable"
Garmin Virb-XE overlays looks very proffessional
hope this point will be covered in further versions of Bandit desktop app

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I agree. Previous Gobandit and current Virb have very nice options for this. Would be a great addition for the Bandit. See attached screen shots
In future versions will there be extra unit choices available for the overlays?

I use my camera for flying and would like speed in Knots and altitude in feet, currently if you select Knots for speed you get yards for altitude and no option to change it.
i too got this camera for flying videos from my microlight
so need altitude in feet, distance in Km and speed in knots these are the units for all flying in the UK



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