Possible to edit text messages in a film?

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Is it possible to edit text messages when editing a film?
For example to show the audience the different chapters in a film?
or to show some highlights in a film...

I use the camera on my motorcycle and when i drove a sertain route with different passes thrue the mountains it would be nice to show the names of the different passes with a text in the film.

It's a littlebit difficult for me to make this point clear for you so i hope you understand?
If not, i gladly hear from you..

Thanks, Rob
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I think what you want is to add text overlays to the videos, like intros or updates in the film.

Can't find a function for this within Bandit Studio, but what I do for my rides or track videos is to create my story in Studio with the overlays (i use the trailblazer and speed one for track days) then import that video in to iMovie on my mac to add the text i need. Bit of a pain as a work around as my macbook cant create stories without crashing so i have to use my PC for that first.