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15 February 2017, 09:22

There have been previous posts complaining about the lack of obvious/logical chronology when trying to create a story with highlights, especially if one has filmed over several days. I think this issue could be solved in large parts by adding a time stamp to HIGHLIGHTS and not just to the full video sequences (as is the case now). It would certainly make a world of difference for me as I use two Bandits to film basketball games (one for each half court), with two remotes. This basically means I have all the highlights of the game ready immediately after the game BUT......then need to figure out the chronology between the scoring on the left and right side of the court. If each highlight had a time stamp, this would be a lot less painful.

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    27 February 2017, 13:21

    Hi bballbelgium,

    Welcome to the Community & Sorry for the delay in response!

    Thank you for your excellent feedback regarding the highlights management, I've tagged it as an improvement request for the product team!

    Try the 'Kudos' button if you find something helpful!

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