Issues with Bandit Studio

Just got the Bandit and I have imported some videos on to the Studio Desktop. The sound plays perfectly fine but the actually video image is very stop start and more often than not just doesn't play even though the sound does. Can any one help with this issue?
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Maybe a codec issue on the PC?
any ideas how to sort it?
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If you have a Windows PC, download the Win7 Codec Pack by Shark. It should be free of bloatware, but just in case, pay attention.
Still having issues with this videos will continue to play with out the footage moving but still playing the sound. At first it was indoor videos but now it is also outdoor videos.
I have tried the Codec Pack but my laptop says it is fully up to date. I am running windows 10 if that helps.
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Only in 4K or also in the, less demanding, lower resolutions?


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