Getting Started with TomTom Bandit Studio

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Please check our sticky before reading these steps:

Once downloaded the TomTom Bandit Studio will automatically launch when a Batt Stick or an SD card is connected to the PC. Videos already saved to the PC can also be added by clicking on File > Import

To begin editing highlights into a movie in TomTom Bandit Studio, the videos must first be imported.
When a Batt Stick or an SD card is connected to the computer the videos on the SD card will be shown in the TomTom Bandit Studio, you can then select which videos you wish to import or select all.

When the videos are imported they will be safely copied to the computer, the Studio will then ask if you would like to keep the files on the Batt Stick or remove them (this helps prevent saving duplicate videos to the computer).

The imported videos now appear in the Originals section of the TomTom Bandit Studio, here you can see all the videos imported into the TomTom Bandit Studio

By clicking on any of the videos it's possible to play them, it's also possible by clicking on the Star Icon to manually add Highlights to any section of the video.

In the Highlights section all the highlights from the imported Bandit videos are visible.

Each highlight can be played back and the duration of the highlight can be shortened or lengthened by dragging the white dots on either side of the highlight.

Creating an edit is done in the My Story section, here it's possible to create a story in two ways, by either manually selecting Highlights in the Highlight section or by using the "I Feel Lucky" option to automatically generate an edit.

When the highlights have been imported into MyStory either by manually selecting them or using the "I Feel Lucky" button the MyStory section changes to the timeline view.

In the timeline view it's possible to rearrange the order of the clips and again alter the length of each Highlight. Individual Highlights can also be removed/added and It's also possible to mute the sound of each individual highlight.

Overlays can be added by clicking on the overlay icon that appears just above the timeline. The overlay will be applied to the currently selected highlight.

Clicking on "Select a Soundtrack" allows the adding of MP3 audio stored on the computer to the timeline.

When the editing is complete the video can be processed by pressing the "Share" button

The new video is then saved to the computer ready to be shared!

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