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Just bought a Bandit and sofar very happy (timelapse, GPS export, 2.7K video quality tested).
Upgraded both the app, windows software and camera to the latest-and-greatest, one thing I cannot find is an "undo" function (windows application). After for example deleting a movie/photo file before importing it I would like the option to undo this action.

Maybe It's just me and this functionality is available, if so please point me in the right direction 🙂.

Keep up the good work.

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Hi Coolhand, do you mean deleting the file from the Bandit/SD Card before you import it into the Studio or do you mean deleting a highlight from the MyStory view?
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Hi Chris, I mean deleting a movie/photo while previewing it in the Bandit studio application. This happened to me this morning, fortunately it was only testfootage. Undoing it via the windows standard shortcuts (ctr-Z) or undeleting it from the garbage-bin (prullenbak 🙂 ) was not available.
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I'll second that request for an 'undo' feature. It would be helpful to be able to reverse the previous action.



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