Bandit app for Windows phones

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Hello Everyone!
I have a question for TomTom experts: are you planning to develop an app also for Windows Phone (8.x) or even for Windows Mobile 10?
Unfortunately it's not available for windows mobile users.

Thank you very much for the support,

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No one replies?? 😞
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Hi Filippo,

I'm not aware of such plans but I'll log your suggestion to be reported to the product team.

Cheers, Mikko
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Hi Mikko,
Thank you very much for your support.
Cheers! Filippo
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Dear Mikkok,
nothing new for the app?
TomTom should develop it, at least for W10, as universal app so that people who have W10 mobile can use it.

Waiting for some news!
100% need to release a Windows 10 app universal app!

Are there any plans yet or updates please?

The new studio app helps in that you can update via it but I`m dying to use the camera with my surface, far better screen size for setting things up and seeing details blah blah blah ..... someone please sort it outttttt 😃
I'm really interested in picking up a Bandit camera but the lack of a Windows 10 or Windows Phone app is putting me off.
Has there been any progress on this?
Is anybody monitoring this forum?



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