Automatic combining of GPS data after file split

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After combining 2 videofiles (one recording, automatic file split due file size) it became apparent that the GPS-data does not combine at all. This can especially be seen when using the trailblazer overlay. This will now show 2 different paths instead of the complete route and the relative position on it.

As an urgent future request I would like an option to combine the GPS-data in 2 separate videofiles.

Please find an example below, in which the complete route flown is shown (GPS-data extracted from videofiles) with the two separate files having different colors.

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Does anybody (i.e from Tomtom ) have any ideas or a workaround? I tried merging the videofiles and copying it back onto the bandit Sd-card with no luck unfortunately.
No solution / answers from TT yet.
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Hi Coolhand,

Sorry for the delay in response!

Currently, this is not possible to combine the GPS-data in 2 separate video files.

However, I've logged it as an improvement request fo Bandit Studio for the product team.

Thnx. Hopefully this request will be incorporated. Last weekend I made a PPG-flight which was stretched over 4 video files, with 4 separate gps-files. When viewing these files also the track and for example the max-altitude is different for all 4 files!