Question: Unreliable - is it the battstick and not the SD card after all?

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13 September 2017, 11:53

I purchased my Bandit over a year ago and had problems from the get go which never resolved. It often stops recording whilst I am riding my bike (sometimes I hear the beeps sometimes I don't) and then I need to 'check the SD card'. I can probably count on one hand the number of trips in excess of 45 mins when the camera has not stopped of its own accord. Now today my camera stopped but this time it has no power. I tried to charge it and only get the one green flashing light but it takes no charge. It doesn't have enough charge to activate the camera. I was able to view the movie file on the camera and check that I had the latest software update. I also noticed that the camera was hot after sometime of just putting the battery stick back in and not turning it on. Noting that I have had problems with the camera the whole time, should I bother paying for a replacement battery stick or cut my losses and go for another brand of action camera?

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    18 September 2017, 00:30

    Hugh In Aussie

    I purchased a TomTom Bandit back in July 2017 for a motorcycle trip through South Dakota. I had seen all the customer comments with regard to different problems. I decided to order directly from TomTom USA thinking their stock would be the most recent in case there had been production fixes along the way. My experience is as follows:

    I have not had issues with the camera stopping recording on its own as many have reported. I have 2 Batsticks and use the higher speed SD cards. I also downloaded SDFormatter program to format the SD cards. https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter_4/

    One big issue I have is video playback on my smartphone (using smartphone connected to Bandit via wifi) is very unpredictable. I have a quality smartphone and checking wifi on my phone it says I have a high speed connection to the Bandit yet playback is often slow and choppy. Uploading the video to my phone via wifi seems unusually slow also.

    Second big issue for me is my Bluetooth remote will randomly loose connection with the Bandit. Mounted on my motorcycle the Bandit is not within arms reach so I purchased the remote.

    My experience so far with TomTom customer support has been very POOR. People I have talked too seem to be trying but I get the feeling TomTom the company has given up on this product. If you work in customer support that's a difficult position to be in.

    This could be a great camera with a few kinks worked out but quite frankly I don't see it happening based on my experience. I'll keep the Bandit until it stops working completely. If I were in your position I would cut my losses and go for another brand.

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