TomTom Rider 450 and Bandit Action Cam

About to decide on TomTom or Garmin (both for GPS and camera).
Having browsed several sites incl. TomTom's and reviewed specs of either product (450 and Bandit), I can't find the answer to the following question: can the Bandit be managed by the TomTom450, to what extend or aren't they interfacing at all?
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Hi Maerel

Welcome to the community:)

Bandit is a Actions camera and RIDER 450 is a navigation device. Unfortunately, they have no connections with each other.

Thanks Vikram!
I do think this is a missed chance by TomTom. How obvious would it be to monitor the Bandit's footage real time and remote control it's recording through the GPS' screen....
That would be very convenient, however: Bandit can and does this realtime, but by means of WiFi Direct on phone. Bluetooth does not have the necessary bandwith.
Garmin at least is able to start/stop its VIRB camera through the zumo 395 (a.o.). Nevertheless, today I bought the Rider 450 anyway. Now looking for camera alternatives besides the Bandit....
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I also think that possibility to manage (start/stop recording etc.) of Bandit camera from Rider unit would be very convenient.
As I've said Garmin have done it so why can't TT
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My Bandit remote lives on my motorbike, I would prefer not to use my sat nav for controlling the camera



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