Question: TomTom Bandit- Is it still supported?

Bandit, supported,

lmele Author

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4 July 2017, 23:03

Can someone in this forum who has contact with Tomtom tell us what the hell is going on. Has Tomtom abandoned this camera or what. There has been very little movement as far as software update for the camera and practically nothing from that dinosaur of a program called Bandit studio beta.
If Tomtom has called it quits then put us out of our misery so we can move on and look elsewhere if we need to expand our camera range. I hate this nothing coming out of Tomtom.
  • lucatrusso14

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    10 July 2017, 19:22

    The pc program in still in beta, the camera is good but have some little problems.
    Waiting for good news and also new functions for the Tom Tom Bandit
  • lmele Author

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    16 July 2017, 14:21

    I guess the silence coming from nobody that's in correspondence or works with Tomtom answers my question, that the support for this good camera has stopped and this camera will not advance any further, along with the great software that's been in beta format for nearly 2 years.
    If i am wrong PLEASE PLEASE let me know, I will be glad to eat my words. So there you go TOMTOM I have put the ball in your court, how about an answer for us poor consumers who have put there hard earned money into your product, we deserve better than this silence..........
  • MHolm

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    17 July 2017, 18:15

    I will second that. I have already started looking at buying a Garmin Virb Ultra, so unless TomTom replies here soon, I will go ahead and go in that direction. Shame, really. Like the Bandit.

    And I will also add that I find this to be very poor customer support - how can you, on your official home page, actively promote and sell a product that doesn't get updated? Bad form!
  • fazhen Modbreak

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    19 July 2017, 10:16

    I think the only option we have is to download the Software Development Kit for the Bandit and do something on our own. I know the Emirates Team from NZ adapted the camera to their needs (watch the video).

    They finally won the cup, so it seems that the bandit really helped them. It is a shame that we won't get any more updates or the full version of the software. But they could at least release the code. I'm sure there is people out there with the skills to make modifications to the software.

    I'm really happy with my bandit, but I read somewhere that the Bandit team didn't get funds and the project was cancelled.. Not sure if it's true..:?

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