Question: Pole mount or GoPro 3-way mount?

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11 October 2017, 06:05

Before I pull the pin on one, just wondering if anyone has used both of these pole-type mounts with their bandit, and can offer an opinion?

1. The bandit pole mount is straight - telescopic extension-type mount. I think it's longer than the GoPro option.
2. The GoPro 3-Way mount can be used as a stick mount, but also folds so you can alter the angles (as opposed to TomTom's straight pole). It also has the tripod functionality - assuming it supports the weight distribution of the heavier Bandit.

Neither is cheap, so only want to purchase one. The standard bandit kit comes with the GoPro adapter, so that would be used.

My feeling, without having seen the bandit mount in person, is that the GoPro version will be more versatile and could be the better purchase.

Thoughts welcome!

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